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Platform for managing information about products, digital assets and e-commerce.

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An open source platform that offers highly personalized, flexible and scalable solutions for B2C, B2B e-commerce and sales in the omnichannel model.

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An e-commerce platform that is perfect for multi-channel B2C and B2B sales and offers virtually unlimited expansion possibilities.

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Headless CMS that allows you to create and manage content effectively and effortlessly.

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BigCommerce is an open SaaS platform that provides practically limitless possibilities for growth, development and innovation in the e-commerce sector.

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Open to the open

Open source technologies

Technologies with open source software are distinguished by open source code that can be freely analyzed, modified and made available by developers - without the need to pay license fees. 

Open source technologies gather around them a global community that is constantly working on improving them. As a result, the software is of excellent quality and a minimal risk of errors or faults.

Chosen Case Study

Tandemite x open source

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Front technologies

The front-end is defined as technologies whose source code is executed by the web browser of the device used by the user of your website. Their task is to provide recipients with specific information. 

Simply put: a front-end can be called anything that the user of your website or application sees.



Vue.js is an open source framework based on JavaScript. It is used to create simple web applications that can be easily integrated with other solutions. 

The most important advantages of Vue.js include great flexibility, a wide range of available functions, as well as intuitive operation.

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React is a JavaScript library that is used to create a dynamic user interface. The software is distributed on an open source basis, thanks to which the community is constantly working on improving it. 

React allows you to build friendly interfaces, as well as dynamically present data.

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A progressive web application will provide your e-commerce customers with the experience of a native mobile application - despite the fact that it will be launched in the browser - like a regular website.

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Backend that works

Back-end technologies

Back-end is the invisible core of websites and applications - the system responsible for their functioning. Unlike the front-end, which focuses on the presentation elements, the back-end is responsible for what is hidden on the server.


Back-end technologies are responsible for data processing, entering information into databases, and then their reading and transfer - e.g. via API - to the front-end.



Symfony is one of the most popular frameworks, i.e. platforms for creating the structure and basic principles of application operation. The system is based on the PHP programming language and is available in an open source version, around which a large community has gathered. 

The applications we create in Symfony are fully compatible with popular e-commerce platforms and can be easily integrated.

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PHP is one of the most important programming languages. It is used in the creation of websites, web applications and online stores. The PHP language is constantly developed, improved and released as new versions.

The PHP language is the basis of many technologies, such as CMSs, CRM systems, frameworks and e-commerce platforms.

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Maciej Pałubicki
CEO of Tandemite


Products designed to impress

Product design is perceiving software as we see physical products. It is designing digital products that impress with their intuitiveness, ease of use and perfect adjustment to the user's needs.


Successful digital products are not only aesthetic, but also accurately respond to the desires and problems of users, providing them with the highest pleasure of use.

Research and strategy

Product design begins with an in-depth knowledge of your product or your plans and expectations - depending on whether we are working with an existing product or with its vision.

We focus on proven research tools, design methodology and strategic thinking about your client, always putting them in the center of attention. The result of our actions is a detailed development strategy for your digital product.

UX, that is designing experiences

User experience is an area where we create user experiences by looking for a space between their expectations and the business goals of our clients.

UX design begins at the time of product planning and continues until the product hits the market (or longer, if the design is refined based on user feedback). The activities we undertake during this time include, among others user and market research, creating an interaction prototype, usability testing, and ultimately - designing the final product.

UI, that is designing interfaces

UI design can be understood as creating messages - verbal and visual - that the digital product will direct to the user. They include the graphic layer, layout of page elements or web application, navigation, selection of photos, images and content. 

Designing interfaces includes creating a mock-up and a prototype of an aesthetic and functional digital product. Which is exactly what you are looking forward to the most!

Experience in numbers

Check out our product design projects

In a few marketing words

Tools that improve our work

Tandemite is not only an experienced and trustworthy team, but also proven design tools. We use solutions that facilitate the flow of information and allow you to always have insight into the progress of the project.


Our favorite solution for designing functional interfaces, and a great tool for working with our clients.


An interactive whiteboard that facilitates design work in distributed teams.

Adobe Illustrator

Like others, we use this tool when creating vector graphics. It’s just great.

Adobe Photoshop

A tool that helps us to refine and create creative visual solutions.


Our favorite solution for designing functional interfaces, and a great tool for working with our clients.

Adobe Illustrator

Like others, we use this tool when creating vector graphics. It’s just great.


An interactive whiteboard that facilitates design work in distributed teams.

Adobe Photoshop

A tool that helps us to refine and create creative visual solutions.

Maciej Pałubicki

CEO Tandemite

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