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The customer is already here. What about your business?

The world is constantly changing. Today, customers make purchasing decisions in a flash and only need a few clicks to complete a transaction. Among them are many people who would like to buy your product. How do you reach them? It’s easier than you think. All you need is proven technology and people you can rely on.

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The market is waiting for you

Your future customer is within reach

More and more companies are looking for a direct route to their audience.


More than half the competition

Nearly 60% of manufacturers already sell their products to individual customers* (2018 Direct-to-Consumer Purchase Intent Index, Diffusion). It’d be a shame to waste such an opportunity.


Customers prefer to buy directly

Over 80% of customers say they want to buy products directly from the manufacturer* (A look ahead: Trends driving brands to prioritize direct to consumer in 2019, DigitalCommerce360).

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) is a business model in which a manufacturer sells its products to the end customers, without using intermediaries.

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Why it’s worth it

Why you should look into direct sales

Does D2C mean more work? Possibly. But it also means lower prices for your customers and more profit for your business.

Business considerations

Selling without the middleman’s margin means more profit

By opting for D2C sales, you can increase the price of the products you offer to your customers, and sell them more expensively than in a traditional business model. The products that go to the end customer are free of the middleman’s margin. This ensures that the entire profit from the sale goes to your company.

E-commerce brings D2C within your reach

The time when direct sales meant having to open a physical shop is long gone. 

Today, an online shop or marketplace (sales platform) is more than enough for D2C sales. Of course, there are costs involved (e.g. commissions for selling on a marketplace, fees for setting up and maintaining your own e-commerce system, etc.), but they are much lower than in the case of running a physical shop.

D2C brands know their customers better

This is because direct selling allows you to gain information about your end customers – information that is not available to companies that use intermediaries. 

By analysing the demographics, interests, opinions and customer acquisition channels, you can find out who is interested in your offers in order to match your product, communication and sales channels to their expectations.

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Marketing and customer experience

D2C means having your own marketing strategy and tools

With a traditional sales model, your brand image depends on the advertising strategy that your intermediaries decide to adopt. 

D2C selling also gives you full control over the end customer experience. By choosing this option, you can create your own marketing strategy and optimise the customer experience.

The D2C brand is close to the customer

Direct contact makes it easier for you to establish a relationship with your customers – to manage complaints efficiently, to communicate through social media or to react to product reviews on an ongoing basis. 

What’s more, the information you learn from having a close relationship with your customers may inspire changes and innovations, such as improving your products or expanding your range.

There are unlimited D2C sales and promotion channels

Eliminating the intermediaries gives you freedom of choice. You can decide for yourself where to conduct marketing activities and where to sell your products. You can use price comparison services (e.g. Google Shopping), marketplace platforms (e.g. Amazon) or auction sites (e.g. eBay). In short, you can be wherever new customers are waiting for you.

An all-in-one service

Comprehensive solutions that add up to success

Our solutions are fully integrated with the systems that you use in your business.

We provide full support at every stage and accompany you through the change process.

From day one.

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Data is the foundation

Product information at your fingertips

We combine production, warehouse, procurement and sales management software in one place, creating ideal conditions for the flow of data in your company and allowing you to scale the business to meet your current needs.

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Both ‘before’ and ‘after’ are important

Full after-sales service

Don’t leave your customers or partners without support.

Handle complaints, returns, service and user instructions efficiently and conveniently.



to manage content on your website.

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software for handling complaints and returns.

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Increase your revenue

It doesn’t matter how you reach your customers – only that you do…

Direct sales are important, but they are not your only option.
Based on the B2C sales software you currently use, we can create a B2B sales dashboard for your distributors and wholesalers around the world.

Manage your entire business from one place.

Explore solutions that lift your business higher

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch

Let’s get you started

Before you embark on your journey, gather a trusted team like ours

We have the know-how you need. For over 17 years, we’ve been pioneering business and e-commerce solutions based on simple principles:



we work with total transparency.

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Goal orientation

we constantly review the progress and are results-driven.

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No surprises

our design and implementation process is comprehensively planned and clearly described.



we work with total transparency.

Man thinking with pen in mouth at work_image

No surprises

our design and implementation process is comprehensively planned and clearly described.

Businesswoman pointing on laptop while explaining to colleague in office

Goal orientation

we constantly review the progress and are results-driven.

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Partner to over X companies

What is it like to work with us?

Enough about us – let those who matter most share their experiences. Our customers.


The proactive approach and knowledge of our business case was great. We searched for a long-term partner to create custom development on the already existing Shopware platform. A complex case with a headless approach: we found a great sparring partner in Tandemite.

E-commerce Manager

Dexis Belgium


We appreciate the very high quality of the UX and UI projects, which are definitely the strength of the Tandemite team. Their extensive knowledge and competence have often verified and improved our initial ideas.

Andrzej Soroczyński | CEO

Teroplan S.A.

All of our goals were achieved. The communication was excellent. Very fast feedback. If we faced any problem we were arranging online meeting during which we could easily solve the issue without wasting time.

Michał Karpiński | Owner

Dental Day


We were very impressed with their graphic design skills. It was very helpful for us to focus the Tandemite team on analyzing and tailoring the solution to achieve our goals.

Dorota Lebiedzińska | Main Secretary of Publishing House



Tandemite understood the need for simple yet effective solutions, which translated into a strong website. So far, the site has had a positive impact on sales and boosted the brand's reputation.

Krystian Kucharski


Three options for collaboration

How do we work

We help companies grow and drive multi-channel sales.

We create the foundations on which your business can grow and match the changing expectations of your customers.

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End-to-end projects

From start to finish, from A to Z, we take care of the entire project and its implementation. You set the goal, and we work to achieve it.

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Team augmentation

Do you need to fill a skill gap in your team? Our specialists are at your disposal.

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Team outsourcing

You’ve built a team, but you’re short on manpower? We’re happy to help.

CEO Maciej Pałubicki

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