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A framework that promotes efficiency

Symfony is a set of PHP components and a framework created with the use of PHP language, available in the open source model. The Symfony architecture means that web projects can be implemented in a short time, while maintaining the highest quality.

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What is Symfony?

Regardless of what solution your business needs, Symfony will allow you to compose it.

Symfony is one of the most effective PHP frameworks, enjoying the trust of users from all over the world. Its most important feature is flexibility - the ability to freely modify and develop the code. Thanks to it, the framework is perfect not only for designing new, fully personalized solutions, but also when you want to expand or improve the operation of your application with ready-made elements.

A characteristic element of the Symfony framework are bundles, i.e. small packages of files that allow you to efficiently add new functionalities to projects. Bundles are created, among others by the Symfony community, thanks to which their number is constantly growing.

Symfony is also an extensive set of components (libraries) for PHP applications that can be used independently or in the most complex connections - with the guarantee that subsequent application components will interact and function properly.

Symfony components are used by popular e-commerce platforms (including Magento and Shopware), CMS systems (including Contentful) and PIMy (Pimcore).

In a few words

These are Symfony's strengths:

Application performance and speed - Symfony is considered to be one of the fastest PHP frameworks.

Full personalization - the framework, thanks to many components and additions, allows you to create personalized solutions, easily integrated with other systems.

Flexible adaptation to your needs - the tools offered by Symfony allow you to easily expand the existing code with new functionalities.

MVC architecture - the separation of the view and model layers makes it easier to make modifications. Changes to one element do not affect the rest of the code.

Testing solutions - Symfony offers tools for testing the application being developed, thanks to which it allows you to achieve goals in accordance with Test-Driven Development.

Symfony Community - Users can benefit from the help and support of the large (and constantly growing) community around Symfony.

Build faster with proven components

Tandemite x Symfony

The Tandemite team has been creating advanced web applications for over 17 years. We focus on proven technology and solutions that best match the expectations and business assumptions of our clients.

In recent years, we have created web applications in Symfony for companies of various scales - from small, local businesses to large, international enterprises implementing omnichannel strategies.

Symfony is a framework that we use to create web applications for B2C and B2B companies, e-commerce and start-ups. Our developers - and our clients - appreciate the ability to quickly develop applications offered by the framework. We also highly value the security and reliability of applications based on Symfony.


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Is Symfony for you?

Check if Symfony is the right answer to your e-commerce needs.

Choose applications created in the Symfony framework if you need:


Technology to help you grow and give your customers the best digital experience.


An application that will smoothly scale and grow with your business.


Solutions with which you will develop your business and gain a competitive advantage.


Technology that will allow you to reach the customer directly and meet his expectations.

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What is the conclusion?

Symfony in practice

About what the biggest players appreciate in Symfony.

As research shows, Symfony is most often chosen by companies from the medical and IT * industries (Companies using Symfony, Enlyft). The framework is also appreciated by the e-commerce industry, which appreciates the possibility of rapid expansion of sales platforms, integration with social media, as well as the implementation of various payment methods.

The largest companies in the world use Symfony to implement their projects - engaging websites, advanced applications or tools improving the daily functioning of their business, such as marketing automation tools, CMS or CRM systems.

Symfony components are used by Facebook (an API for Facebook Ads has been created using the framework), Spotify, Blablacar, Trivago, Dailymotion and many others.


Symfony components available

600 thousand

the people who make up the Symfony community

< 36 thousand

companies that use Symfony

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Symfony is an exceptionally flexible framework that businesses all over the world use to implement various projects - both those that are built from scratch and to develop existing solutions. Symfony components can be easily integrated with other platforms. 

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