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Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online stores, appreciated by users all over the world. The platform works in two versions: Magento Open Source, and Adobe Commerce with a paid license. Who is the most frequent choice for the Magento system? First of all, medium and large companies from the B2C and B2B segments, which are dynamically developing.

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Virtually endless possibilities

What's in Magento?

Well thought-out technology and functionality tailored to the needs.

Magento 2 is an e-commerce platform created for online stores, wholesalers and distribution centers.

Magento Open Source, as an open source platform, brings together a huge community. Users are constantly creating new modules that can be implemented into your e-commerce. Thanks to this, you have virtually unlimited possibilities of choosing the payment system, you sell on the marketplace, conduct marketing activities, manage the product database and use a huge database of functions and add-ons. Nothing stands in the way of expanding your offer with digital and virtual products, the option of paying in cryptocurrencies or a non-standard form of shipping the order. Sky is the limit.

The Magento system is designed so that each functionality is an independent module that can be turned on or off - depending on the current needs of your e-commerce. In conjunction with an extensive database of templates, this function allows each of the available elements to be adapted to individual preferences and business goals.

In a few words

Here are the most important advantages of Magento:

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A platform for dynamic development. Magento allows you to sell online in many markets, through various channels.

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Unlimited sales. The platform allows you to sell any products, including digital and virtual.

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Endless expandability. The high flexibility of the system means that developers can easily adapt it to the individual needs of your business.

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Additional features that drive the development of e-commerce. Magento users can choose from many free and paid modules that extend the functionality of the system.

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Hassle-free system operation. Magento offers a friendly, intuitive interface for managing the sales system.

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Market recognition. Magento has an established position on the market of e-commerce platforms and the trust of the world's largest brands.

Safe and flexible

Tandemite x Magento

The Magento platform has no secrets for us. We have been working with her for years.

We have extensive experience in Magento implementations for companies - also those that operate on a very large scale. Our portfolio includes, among others e-commerce platform for a well-known chain of retail stores with over 100 stationary points of sale.

Our specialists, who have the necessary knowledge and experience in working with Magento, carry out the modernization of sales systems and migration to the current version of the system - while maintaining the highest level of security.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Magento platform allows us to emphasize what is really important in e-commerce implementations. In order to optimize the performance of the online store, we always implement Magento 2 in a multi-server architecture. We create e-commerce applications in complex network environments - using the cloud and CDN (content daily network) solutions.

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See for yourself

Is Magento for you?

Check if the Magento-based online store is the right solution for your business.

Choose Magento if:


You want to sell through multiple channels and markets at the same time. And your e-commerce must keep up with your ambitions.


You want to manage sales, marketing and other processes with one system. An extensive e-commerce platform allows you to automate your work and become independent from the IT department.


You need an easily scalable system that can keep up with your brand development. The Magento platform integrates with many external tools and provides flexible expansion.


You run a brick-and-mortar store and want to connect it to an e-commerce platform. Omnichannel is the direction that will allow you to gain momentum.

What is the conclusion?

Magento in practice

That is, about a solution trusted by the world's largest brands.

It is estimated that about 250,000 online stores around the world are based on the Magento system. This figure corresponds to 12% of all e-commerce businesses and clearly indicates that Magento is one of the largest players on the software market for online stores. Brands that have trusted the Magento platform include: Ford, ASUS, Olympus, Helly Hansen, Land Rover, Castorama, Smyk and

Magento is very popular in the B2C and direct sales segment - also in the implementation of the omnichannel strategy, combining e-commerce with stationary stores. Moreover, the platform plays an extremely important role in the B2B segment (often run in parallel with B2C) and is used, inter alia, by by Nike Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., 3M Co., Cisco Systems Inc. or Everlast Worldwide Inc.

What makes Magento so popular? As statistics show, e-commerce companies that have decided to migrate their systems to Magento can count on an 80% increase in sales * (Magento Statistics and Facts, WebsiteBuilder). Let's add a high level of security, intuitive operation, flexibility and the ability to manage multiple sales channels from one panel - this is the recipe for success that Magento uses.

250 thousand

E-commerce in Magento technology in the world

12 implementations

Magento realized by Tandemite

56 % growth

Average sales growth of our customers using Magento

Take the lead in your industry with our Magento expertise

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch


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Magento provides seamless integration with many external systems and e-commerce tools that will accelerate your business even more!

Our team, from among many available solutions, selects exactly those that fit into the business goals of your company and allow it to develop. Using proven tools, you improve or automate sales and marketing processes in your e-commerce.

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