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Headless CMS for content management

Strapi is a popular headless CMS that enables content management in various channels - on websites, web applications, digital kiosks or self-service checkouts. The headless technology on which the Strapi is based separates the front-end from the back-end, and thus allows content to be introduced regardless of the visual layer.

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What is headless CMS?

About what distinguishes Strapi from the traditional content management system.

Traditional CMSs, such as WordPress, offer a limited number of technologies for creating front-end solutions. The content generated in them cannot be used in external systems without the appropriate plug-ins. Integration with e-commerce or PIM platforms is usually problematic.

Strapi, as a headless CMS, is devoid of a visual layer, so that front technologies can be selected by developers without any restrictions. The basic task of the system is to store and share content in selected channels.

Communication between the front and back-end layers takes place via an API that downloads content from the CMS and displays it to users of the website or web application.

In a few words

Here are the advantages of Strapi:

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Friendly, easy-to-use layout. You can perform a significant number of operations via intuitive drag & drop.

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Fast and hassle-free implementations. Maximum simplified procedure and time of panel and API configuration.

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A multi-channel digital experience. You deliver your content to any channel, digital product or device.

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Open source technology with a strong community.

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Excellent user experience. Strapi facilitates the delivery of consistent content and the implementation of the omnichannel strategy.

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Hosting on your own. Don't give up on the privacy and confidentiality of your data.

A new dimension in content publishing

Tandemite x Strapi

For over 17 years we have been implementing systems and tools for e-commerce businesses. We perfectly know the problems of entrepreneurs and understand the challenges posed by the market. We know that the answer to many of them is reliable technology. Exactly as we offer you.

The solutions we create are always tailored to the technology you use, the scale on which you operate, and the needs of your business. Corporate CMSs, such as Strapi, are usually recommended to medium and large companies that implement multi-channel sales.

The Tandemite team consists not only of experienced developers, but also extraordinary designers and analysts. Thanks to this, we successfully conduct comprehensive end-to-end projects, including business needs analysis, project documentation, implementation, development and maintenance of technology.



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See for yourself

Is Strapi for you?

Check if Strapi is the right answer to your e-commerce needs.

Headless CMS Strapi will work in your business if you want to:


Sell ​​through multiple channels. Strapi will allow you to easily publish content in each of them.


Expand your current sales system. Current solutions do not allow you to efficiently manage content? We will integrate Strapi with your technology.


Bet on technology that will scale with business. Strapi will keep up with your marketing department.


Develop e-commerce abroad. Being present in multiple markets requires managing a large amount of content in multiple languages.

What is the conclusion?

Difficulties in practice

That is, about the advantage of headless CMS.

For several years, we have seen a clear increase in the importance of content in online marketing - especially in the e-commerce industry. What's more, there is no indication that in the coming content it will give way to other strategies taking part in the race for the interest of the audience.

The growing interest in creating valuable content entails changes in CMS systems. Modern solutions must be user-friendly and less code-dependent. They must easily integrate with various technologies. They must be headless - like Strapi.

NASA, IBM and Walmart were among the companies that trusted the Strapi platform.

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people are very optimistic about headless CMS

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pages that use headless CMS, also use Strapi


Strapi implementations carried out by Tandemite

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch


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Strapi is a great tool for B2C and B2B companies that want to promote their products and content in multiple channels or devices. Its solutions are used by developers, copywriters, project managers and leaders.

Do you want to know other solutions for your business? Our team will help you find your way in the maze of technology. We will choose systems and tools that will accelerate your e-commerce.

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