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Dexis Belgium

2023 | Manufacturing, B2B ecommerce

Dexis Belgium x Tandemite

Or how we resolved migration challenges, securing a robust future for a 400,000-strong product line of a B2B ecommerce.

Stage 1: In tandem with who?

Dexis Belgium – partner to the manufacturing industry

Offering a wide range of industrial solutions, Dexis Belgium serves countless manufacturing firms in Belgium with transmissions & technical products, essential tools, and handling & fixation equipment.

Dexis Belgium transitioned from Magento to Shopware to enhance their e-commerce efficiency. The migration was marred by some challenges, which they sought to overcome with the new technological partner. Their online store was functional, but it wasn't thriving. Following our proposal for a dedicated workshop, Dexis Belgium decided to entrust us with their project, aiming to refine their digital experience and better serve their customers.

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400K-strong inventory

With an impressive inventory of nearly 400,000 products and solutions, Dexis Belgium ensures that businesses never face a shortage of essential parts for manufacturing operations.

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MRO market leader in Europe

They offer a complete solution for maintenance, repair, and overhaul tasks (MRO), always prioritizing safety.

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Keeping production lines moving

Dexis Belgium knows the industrial sector doesn't pause, and neither do they. Their round-the-clock service ensures B2B clients are never left unsupported, and production lines don’t face costly downtimes.


See what Dexis Belgium thinks of our cooperation


The proactive approach and knowledge of our business case was great. We searched for a long-term partner to create custom development on the already existing Shopware platform. A complex case with a headless approach: we found a great sparring partner in Tandemite.

E-commerce Manager

Dexis Belgium



Stable maintenance of the store, followed by its development

Dexis Belgium harbored ambitious plans for their website, including the introduction of a new search engine and an array of functionalities tailored for their B2B clients. Disappointed by earlier attempts, they were on the hunt for a reliable team to carry forward their vision.

We took on the project, lacking full documentation, and we were faced with a complicated deployment process. Our team had to adapt to processes, stabilize instances, focus on enhancing the quality of the code, among other technical aspects.



The heart of our engagement centered on addressing the shortcomings of a migration process from the Magento platform to Shopware executed by the former agency. During the early stages of our collaboration, we prioritized collecting and interpreting the available documentation. Our aim was to establish a clear understanding of the project, which would in turn help us guarantee stable maintenance and prevent potential issues down the line. In essence, this proactive approach was all about ensuring the foundation of the project was solid before building upon it.

Following this, we could move on to refining and enhancing functionalities, making sure that Dexis Belgium not only received a fully-functional store but one that was optimized for their specific needs and meets high standards of the B2B clients.

We kicked off our partnership with Dexis Belgium in June 2023. The initial discovery phase, analysis and project takeover took close to 2.5 months.

Details of the implementation

In our partnership with Dexis Belgium, we tackled:

  • Business analysis and workshops,
  • Taking over the project from external agency,
  • Gathering requirements for the development phase,
  • Stabilization of development and UAT environments,
  • Determining the backlog,
  • Developing the platform with new business and marketing functionalities.

Stage 4: The finish line


Enhanced B2B functionality & superior control: We incorporated user management tools within the admin panel, allowing Dexis Belgium to monitor user activity, such as their last login and purchase details, and edit cart. Adjustments were also made to order validation, necessitating certain information from clients during the order process. Additionally, we integrated a chat feature to enhance customer support.

Improved user experience: The revamp brought improvement in usability for business clients. Navigating the online store is now faster, optimizing the shopping experience.

Continuous improvement: This is an ongoing maintenance project, and our collaboration with Dexis Belgium is still active. The branch has shown interest in advancing store by establishing new search functionality and upgrading ERP integration process for smoother synchronization & data flow.


Budget watch, responsiveness, timely releases: Our triple promise

The client appreciated our responsiveness, communication through various channels and our monthly demo sessions. With access to a development tracker (Jira), the client can observe the real-time progress of the project and swiftly provide feedback on any solution. The Belgian branch of Dexis emphasized the importance of release planning. Earlier, updates were sporadic and vague. Now, they receive clear insights from us about what will be launched and when, coupled with the opportunity to test it beforehand. We also kept a vigilant eye on the budget, an aspect that the client holds as most crucial.

Filtering system


The revamped filter panel in the store enables users to manipulate filters and instantly see the potential number of results a particular filter can yield, as indicated by a number in parentheses. Additionally, we're working on integrating a search functionality within the filters, further optimizing the user experience.



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Login restrictions


The store now has login restrictions, with an added integration that signals when a user blocked in the CRM attempts to register on the B2B platform.


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Something for the geeks

Technologies we used

We implemented a trusted tech solution in Dexis Belgium's project:



A flexible, up-to-date e-commerce platform: Shopware Enterprise Edition with Diamond Subscription.

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