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23.04.24 3 min read Technology

Pimcore PIM & Azure: A winning combination for Zarys' medical supplies distribution

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Aiming to scale up, distributors and manufacturers are in search of dependable PIM utilities that guarantee easy management of product data quality and pave the way for increased synergy between channels.

In the face of a massive and continuously changing product catalog, how can one effectively introduce a Product Information Management (PIM) system? With thousands or millions of products to manage, how should you approach this challenge?

a) Implementing the software in line with the highest PIM practices.

b) Developing the appropriate infrastructure.

c) A blend of both.

Without a doubt, both areas are critical. This piece sheds light on the transformative journey of Zarys International Group through the Pimcore PIM setup and Azure cloud adaptation, enhancing their business processes and product data management.

PIM and SAP integration for Zarys' diverse inventory

In our latest project, we've equipped Zarys, a major medical supplies provider, with Pimcore. Zarys offers a wide range of products, featuring everything from advanced medical devices to everyday necessities like aprons, needles, and gloves.

Taking on the Pimcore system project for Zarys was a challenge for our team. We stepped in after another vendor had initiated the process, and our mission was clear: to guide the project to successful completion. Our strategy involved a deep dive into the existing setup, followed by a fresh goal-setting session.

Our efforts culminated in the enhancement and completion of the Pimcore configuration, alongside a successful integration with the SAP tool.

PIM integration played a pivotal role for Zarys, ensuring every product, whether it's a simple elastic belt or high-tech medical equipment, is described accurately. This has made shopping easier and more satisfying for hospitals and clinics looking for medical supplies.

Keep an eye on our site for an upcoming deep dive into this project! It included the deployment of Pimcore alongside the launch of a bespoke online store, tailored for the medical supply industry and smoothly integrated with PIM and SAP. Look forward to learning about our approach to merging Pimcore's capabilities with a B2B ecommerce platform!

Developing a dedicated infrastructure specifically for Pimcore’s requirements

Our project owes its success to our supportive partner, Hostersi. They know how crucial it is for distributors and manufacturers to tailor their environments to meet project needs. Doing so is key to securing data, staying competitive, and achieving operational excellence.

Hostersi are your go-to experts for tailor-made IT services. From crafting the perfect server infrastructure to deploying cutting-edge cloud solutions and managing your servers, they've got you covered.

Hostersi engineered a robust cloud infrastructure on the Azure platform, establishing a solid foundation for the Pimcore system. It provides Zarys with a stable and efficient environment for content management, data integration, and page customization.

Through this collaboration, we were assured of an optimized and expertly managed infrastructure, which allowed us to focus solely on developing exceptional solutions that satisfy standards and expectations of the client.

See the difference our solutions can make in advancing your business

Why choose Azure?

Why Azure? Its standout qualities are its ability to scale with your business and its data protection. This choice allows enterprises to flexibly adjust their infrastructure to meet evolving demands, while also unlocking new paths to reach their strategic objectives with innovative technologies.

Key improvements with this setup:

  • operational processes become more efficient,
  • product data are managed more effectively,
  • security around data is significantly improved.

See how the Azure platform is hosting Zarys’ fresh cloud infrastructure

Pimcore PIM & Azure: A winning combination for Zarys' medical supplies distribution_image1

Looking to adopt PIM for your business?

Teaming up with Hostersi, we managed to improve the entire infrastructure, ensuring the Pimcore system is prepared for any future challenges.

To sum it up, the formula for a high-performing PIM system is straightforward: correct setup plus a smoothly running environment.

Your Pimcore project can achieve greatness. Tandemite and Hostersi know how and are ready to assist you. Reach out so we can discuss your needs together.


Team Tandemite


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