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Data and customer experience management

Pimcore is a platform for product management (PIM), digital management (DAM) and the customer experience of your business (DXP). It is available as an open-source Community Edition and as an Enterprise subscription.

Pimcore has already earned the trust of over 100,000 businesses.

A solid foundation for your development

What will Pimcore give you?

It will provide what other platforms can’t even promise.

Pimcore's technological experts constantly support us. We're first to implement latest innovations. They've trusted us. You can too.

Pimcore has been on the market for over 10 years now. During this time, the software has circled the world and reached businesses in 56 countries, while its functionalities have continuously improved. Starting from 2022, the platform will be available in the Pimcore X version that is powered by the latest technologies.

Pimcore is a friendly, easy-to-configure platform for the delivery and use of the data relating to your company. You can imagine Pimcore as the bloodstream of information about your product catalogue. Everything can be found in one place, so it is easily accessible for any department. Once implemented, Pimcore allows for a quick introduction of new products to the market and drastically simplifies the entire process.

The technology on which Pimcore is based makes the platform efficient, user-friendly and highly scalable. With it, you can implement numerous innovative solutions for your business operations.

In a few words

Here are the most important advantages of Pimcore:

All your data is quickly accessible. Pimcore allows you to collect and manage all product information from one place.

Control of your multimedia content. The system provides you with the ability to manage your digital data including photos, graphics, videos or audio files.

Customer experience management. With the Pimcore tools, you can catalogue your customer data, personalise sales offers and automate your marketing process.

Integration with external systems. Thanks to a stable API, the platform can be easily integrated with other systems and expanded to add new features.

Scalability and support for multiple sales channels. Pimcore enables the simultaneous management of multiple domains and the integration of various databases.

As many products as you need. By using Pimcore, you can aggregate thousands of options from your product range and manage them with ease.

We ride hand in hand

Tandemite x Pimcore

Pimcore is a platform that we have been working with for years. We know it inside out.

Pimcore gives us high technical quality, with the ability to match projects to the business needs of our clients and achieve a wide range of our projects. We have been the official partner of the platform for 4 years, and we have been awarded the status of a Pimcore Gold Partner.

The Tandemite developers can expand their knowledge by using the Pimcore Academy programs and are constantly developing their experience in designing innovative solutions for the e-commerce industry. Already, 13 of our specialists have obtained Pimcore certificates to confirm their skill sets.

Our cooperation with Pimcore gives us access to platform development maps, official documentation and training materials. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients innovative solutions in the fields of integration and system architecture, adapted to your business needs.

Experience in numbers

Official Pimcore Partner

The numbers speak for themselves.


years as a Pimcore Partner


certified Pimcore Junior Developers


certified Pimcore Senior Developers

See for yourself

Is Pimcore right for you?

Check if Pimcore is the right answer to your business needs.

Pimcore is ideal if:


You want to sell through multiple channels. At the same time, it is easy to manage the items from your product range.


Product information is the key to communication with your customers. You can manage the product descriptions on all company websites from one place.


You are planning to expand your current sales system. When integrated with your e-commerce system, Pimcore will allow you to improve your sales and marketing processes.


You want to expand your sales to new foreign markets. The platform allows you to manage your product descriptions in multiple languages ​​and distribute them to the appropriate channels.


You require a highly scalable system that will grow with your business. Pimcore can be integrated with many external tools and provides flexible expansion options.

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What is the conclusion?

Pimcore in practice

How global brands grow with Pimcore.

It is estimated that over 100,000 businesses from the B2C and B2B segments are using the Pimcore system. The platform supports e-commerce in various environments – from medium-sized companies operating in local markets, to the world’s largest enterprises managing thousands of websites and huge amounts of data.

Among the Pimcore users, you will find businesses from the prestigious Fortune 500 list, i.e. the largest American companies. Some of the most recognisable Pimcore clients include Audi, Pepsi, Carrefour, Burger King, Stanley Black & Decker, Gabor and T-Mobile.

What makes Pimcore so popular? There’s no limits. The platform allows you to manage any amount of data in various formats and to handle any number of sales channels.

> 100000

are using Pimcore


Pimcore implementations have been made by Tandemite

70 %

average increase in e-commerce turnover among our clients using Pimcore


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Thanks to its headless architecture and API-first technology, Pimcore can be modified and expanded, with almost no restrictions. The platform is seamlessly integrated with external data exchange systems and solutions for the e-commerce industry.

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