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Great people fuel outstanding technology

Working side by side

We are a close-knit, committed and talented team. We move in tandem, sharing the same values and a common vision.

We believe that only partnerships built on mutual respect produce extraordinary results.

See for yourself what we have to offer.

We work with customers who are looking to develop their business through technology.

We’ve worked together

Towards the customer

We want to help our customers to the best of our ability, through honesty and loyal support and by finding the most straightforward solutions to reach the goal: our customers’ customers. 

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Enough words. It’s time for some numbers

We rely on everything that we can count and measure. We firmly believe that numbers say more about us than words.

  • 17 years of cooperation
  • 30 specialists
  • 20% women in our team
  • We work with clients from 3 countries

Our ethos

We are united by our values

Today, Tandemite is made up of 30 professionals, but we still maintain a sense of trust and close collaboration, just like we did when there were just a few of us.

Since the beginning, Tandemite has brought together exceptional talent – people whose knowledge, passion and commitment enable us to deliver the best possible solutions.  Even though we are each different and distinct, we all share four core values:

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'Good enough’ is not our style and mediocrity is out of the question. We insist on the best technologies and on cooperation with the best partners. We deliver extraordinary solutions that give our customers a competitive edge and help them grow their businesses.


Even a small gap can turn into a chasm. A series of inconsistent and ad hoc decisions, even if they lead to short-term growth, is a recipe for disaster. We scale Tandemite by creating repeatable and predictable systems that we are continually developing and improving.


We develop a culture of conversation. We listen carefully and we speak openly about our expectations, ideas and concerns. Even the most complicated topics are presented in clear, jargon-free terms – spiced with a pinch of humour.


We have nothing to hide. We say what we mean and we work in full transparency, providing all the information our clients need to cooperate and make informed decisions. There’s no veiled agendas or vague conditions.



Everyone at Tandemite is unique and amazing in their own way.

We have snowboarders and walrus lovers, cat people, dog people and parents, nerds, gamers and memers.

Each of us is different – but we all have open minds and can clearly see the goals we are working towards together. We all believe in success in tandem, built on honest partnerships.

Partner to over X companies

What is it like to work with us?

Enough about us – let those who matter most share their experiences. Our customers.


Tandemite successfully built out the platform. They transferred processes online in good order. Project management was agile and subdivided efficiently.

Piotr Kaźmierczak | Founding Board Member



Tandemite has executed work that's become the cornerstone of the client's business. While the scope of the project has been expansive, they've done a great job staying on top of things. The team has demonstrated great knowledge and are experts in Magento configuration. They're very experienced.

Tomasz Żytkowicz

Heads Advertising


Tandemite understood the need for simple yet effective solutions, which translated into a strong website. So far, the site has had a positive impact on sales and boosted the brand's reputation.

Krystian Kucharski



The proactive approach and knowledge of our business case was great. We searched for a long-term partner to create custom development on the already existing Shopware platform. A complex case with a headless approach: we found a great sparring partner in Tandemite.

E-commerce Manager

Dexis Belgium


We appreciate the very high quality of the UX and UI projects, which are definitely the strength of the Tandemite team. Their extensive knowledge and competence have often verified and improved our initial ideas.

Andrzej Soroczyński | CEO

Teroplan S.A.

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