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Progressive JavaScript framework

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework that is used to build dynamic user interfaces in web and mobile applications. What distinguishes Vue.js is its versatility, intuitive use, a wide selection of add-ons and functions, and minimal application loading time.

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That is, how the open source framework has become a serious competition for internet giants.

The creator of Vue.js is Evan You - a programmer who has worked for the world's greatest players, incl. Google, and is a co-author of popular JavaScript frameworks: Angular.js and MeteorJS. When starting work on Vue, You wanted to create a framework that was lighter and more flexible than previously known solutions.

The result of Evan You's actions is a framework that is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and allows you to create applications in a declarative, component-based programming model. With Vue, we can design both simple and complex user interfaces. Moreover, as a progressive framework, the platform can be integrated with an existing project - e.g. as a library that will ensure the interactivity of a web application.

Vue.js combines the most important advantages of competing frameworks. Like React, it uses components and a one-way data flow. The uncomplicated templates with readable syntax are reminiscent of Angular. With these similarities, however, Vue remains independent of the largest corporations and is developed by a committed community.

In a few words

Here are the strengths of Vue.js:

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Speed ​​that leaves the competition behind - Vue.js applications are smaller than similar solutions created in other platforms, so they load faster.

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Exceptional performance - Vue is one of the most efficient frameworks on the market, offering a reactive rendering system without manual optimization.

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Well-thought-out and accessible technology - Vue is based on standard HTML, CSS and JS, combined with an intuitive API interface.

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Transparent documentation - the highest quality documentation clearly explains all the functions of the framework.

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Versatile and scalable - Vue.js is perfect for simple applications and complex projects thanks to single-file components, API architecture and TypeScript integration.

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Focus on development - behind Vue there is a strong - and constantly growing - community that provides new solutions and is looking for new ways to optimize work with the framework.

Reliability and efficiency at the same time

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At Tandemite, we've been driving our customers' businesses by creating reliable digital solutions for over 17 years. We are convinced that adequate and long-term technology is the foundation on which you can build a competitive advantage.

We know the difficulties of running a business. We constantly observe the market which presents our clients with new challenges. We are constantly looking for the best solutions. We focus on the best people and continuous development.

We use Vue.js to create reliable, efficient web applications - both in simple projects and in complex cross-platform user interfaces. Our developers - and Tandemite customers - appreciate Vue for its exceptional speed of operation and versatility of possible applications.


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Check if Vue.js is the right answer to your e-commerce needs.

Choose applications created in the Vue.js framework if you need:


Reliable technology to provide your customers with the best digital experience.


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Digital solutions that will allow you to grow and give you a competitive advantage.

In a few words

Vue.js in practice

So about a framework that is consistently gaining in importance.

Vue is a platform that is constantly evolving and provides its users with a positive experience. From the State of Vue.js report from 2021, prepared by Monterail, we learn that as many as 90% of respondents say that they will most likely use the Vue.js framework in the implementation of their next projects.

More and more companies are choosing to introduce Vue to their tech stack. In 2021, 60% of respondents decided to implement this technology in their companies - primarily because of the ease with which you can start working with Vue. 76% of people indicated that the most important advantage of the platform over other frameworks is excellent documentation.

The companies that trusted Vue.js include: Netflix, Facebook, Xiaomi, Adobe, Behance, BMW, Nintendo, Apple, 9GAG and Google.

90 %

people who have had contact with Vue want to use it again

56 %

people believe that Vue will gain popularity in their organization within a year

60 %

people want to add Vue to their tech stack

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch

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There is a different philosophy behind each of the popular frameworks. Each of them has different advantages and works well in different solutions. Vue.js is a framework that we use in projects that assume innovative front-end development. Especially when speed and efficiency are the key issues for the customer. 

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