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Dental Day

2024 | Pimcore CMS, Dentistry, Education

Dental Day x Tandemite

Or how we bridged technology with dentistry education, by creating a comprehensive platform that simplifies course management and showcases workshops in a compelling way.

Stage 1: In tandem with who?

Dental Day – Master the art of dentistry with expert-led workshops

Dental Day is all about pushing dental education forward, with a strong focus on arranging specialized workshops, lectures, and conferences for dentistry professionals.

Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, Dental Day decided to give their website a makeover. They wanted to pack their site with engaging content and add new tools to make visiting and booking on their site smoother, keeping Dental Day as a top choice for dental learning.

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Smile bright: 11K doctors trained

Over the past decade, Dental Day has made a significant impact on dental training in Poland, with over 11,000 doctors educated through more than 800 courses in 6 cities.

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Workshops, lectures, and more

The company extends its educational reach beyond traditional training by also hosting a podcast. Here, they aim to demystify dentistry, discussing it in a way that's both practical and accessible.

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Grab your dental course fund

For those interested in Dental Day's trainings, there's a chance to use funding that may cover 80% of their course expenses.


See what Dental Day thinks of our cooperation


All of our goals were achieved. The communication was excellent. Very fast feedback. If we faced any problem we were arranging online meeting during which we could easily solve the issue without wasting time.

Michał Karpiński | Owner

Dental Day



Renewing and bringing a modern touch to the website

One major challenge was balancing the need to keep the brand's established identity with the desire to modernize the website's design according to modern trends and needs. It was crucial to improve the site's visual appeal without losing the connection with current customers. We needed to make sure that when clients visited the updated site, they could still identify with the Dental Day brand and enjoy the visual improvements.

Dental Day also brought to the table new features. The design aimed to lead users easily through a complicated process that includes making reservations, applying for financial aid, joining waitlists, and accessing learning resources.


Attractive course presentation and effortless entry

The system needed to ensure that the information about their courses was presented on the website in a well-structured, attractive, and approachable way. The client also prioritized simplicity in the platform's use – it was developed to be intuitive, allowing for the easy addition of course details in specific sections, suitable for administrators of all skill levels.


A payment system ready for dentists' training funds

The payment system needed to be updated to handle different types of payments, not just the traditional and quick transfers but also grants, which are vital since dentists often get funds for their training. To help with this, a new checkout path should be introduced specifically for grant-related transactions, providing clear information on the grant procedure and its outcomes.



We developed a solid system based on Pimcore CMS for finding and booking training sessions, making it easy for users to discover courses, examine training resources, register for sessions, and make payments all in one place. It featured several significant elements:


User-friendly training search: The system is tailored to manage training sessions with ease, offering users the ability to filter by topic, location, instructor, and more. This feature simplifies the process for dental professionals looking for training sessions that meet their needs and fit their schedules.

Reservation system: You can now easily check for available places in training sessions by when and where they're held, and see who's teaching. A key update is the improved ability to join a waitlist for full sessions. If a spot opens, you'll automatically be signed up and receive everything you need, including details on how to pay.

Sign-up process for training sessions: Dental Day's training sessions require account registration, featuring a detailed two-part sign-up process to collect important attendee information, including license numbers, personal data or even food preferences. Dental Day used this information to customize the training for each attendee.

The user panel provides a look at previous training, waitlist entries, and current course sign-ups. Only participants who've financed their training or were awarded grants have access to the learning resources, ensuring a fair use of the materials.

We provided multiple payment options to ensure an easy checkout experience: visitors can use a standard bank transfer, opt for an instant transfer, or utilize a training grant. For training grants, clients are provided with a proforma invoice to show their funding source. After it's accepted, the grant funds are deposited right into the Dental Day’s account.

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Stage 4: The finish line


Starting with an in-depth look at the business, this project took 9 months and led to major improvements for Dental Day. It tackled the original issues and also made the digital platform more efficient and engaging for users.

  • Better reservation handling: With the new system, Dental Day has seen a big change in how they manage sign-ups for their training courses. It's a big step up from the old way of doing things manually, making everything run smoother.
  • Integration with key services: The upgraded system now effortlessly connects with essential services like Fakturownia for invoicing, Paynow for payments, Pathwright for managing course resources, and Emaillabs for email marketing. This has replaced manual, time-consuming tasks with automated processes, improving administration and the experience for users.
  • Easier course setup & enhanced product page design: We developed a user-friendly product page that's both detailed and simple to handle. Administrators can quickly add or change course information, keeping the site lively and current. The digital platform presents courses in an organized way (detailing everything from dates and costs to locations and availability), all enhanced with the option to expand sections and view animations to interest users.


Simplifying processes through integration

The system adopted several integrations to automate and streamline operations. Automatically generating and sending invoices was made possible through Fakturownia.


Also, Dental Day makes use of Pathwright for better coordination of learning content for its training attendees. The Pimcore platform allows administrators to allocate Pathwright resources relevant to each dental course. Once a course is bought and paid for, participants can swiftly find all the necessary videos, audios, and other resources right in their Dental Day account. And for those who don't yet have an account, one will be created automatically to guarantee they can access their training materials.

Stay ahead with 30+ notifications


We introduced an advanced notification system capable of initiating more than 30 different types of messages to keep Dental Day’s clients updated. This system supports a range of interactions, ensuring they are well-informed about confirmations, reminders, and any updates regarding their courses.



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In sync with client’s ideas


The way we did things step by step, checking in often, let the client see how things were going and give their thoughts – which we quickly used in the next steps. This approach, which was both flexible and attentive to the client's feedback, ensured the project's end result was exactly what the client had in mind.


Something for the geeks

Technologies we used

For Dental Day, we implemented a trusted technology solution, ensuring their digital platform serves the needs of today's dentists effectively:


Pimcore CMS

An open-source solution that not only simplified content management but also offers a flexible and scalable foundation for growing digital needs.

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