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2020 | Retail

Teaverso x Tandemite

How a high-quality design, a well thought out UX and appropriate integrations made it easier for the e-commerce solution to reach customers directly. It was definitely our cup of tea.

Stage 1: In tandem with who?

Teaverso – tea e-commerce with a vision

Teaverso is a young brand offering sophisticated, high-quality teas and products from related categories. The goal of our cooperation was to create an e-commerce solution that would enable the company to sell its products effectively – in Poland and abroad.

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A rich product range

The company’s product range includes over 80 teas, coffees, sweets and accessories for preparing drinks.

Ambitious goals

Teaverso was planning to launch international sales, and wanted to reach customers from all European countries.

A fresh perspective

Teaverso is a new brand that encourages customers to see tea drinking as an experience.

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Stage 2: Where to?

Design Challenge

The Teaverso brand came to us when they were just planning to enter the market. They wanted to take their first steps with a loud bang and an ambitious aim. After reaching customers from Poland and achieving the goals they had set in the domestic market, the company was planning an expansion into foreign markets.

The challenge our team faced was directly related to the client’s ambitious plans. The technology could in no way delay or hinder their implementation.

The e-commerce solution, through which Teaverso will sell its products, had to provide quick and easy scalability to operate in foreign markets.



The implementation of the Teaverso solution required our full commitment. We were responsible for all stages of the project – from the UX and UI, through the design, to the system implementation.

Our cooperation began with gaining an in-depth knowledge of the client’s products. We also became acquainted with the brand’s business plans, including the assumptions regarding domestic sales and operations in foreign markets. We then defined a target group corresponding to the future Teaverso e-commerce customers.

In parallel to the work in the fields of UX and UI, we started talks about the most suitable and future-proof technology for Teaverso. We jointly decided to use the open source Shopware 6 platform.

Implementation details

In cooperation with Teaverso, we performed:

  • Business analytics
  • Internet analytics
  • Technological and UX audits
  • Taking care of the websites
  • Software and its implementation
  • Functional design
  • Graphic design
  • Shopware
  • Technical assistance

Stage 4: Finish


For Teaverso, we created a modern, extensive B2C e-commerce platform that enables effective sales and facilitates the acquisition of new customers. This was achieved thanks to well thought out UX solutions, as well as appropriate integrations.

Here are the most important of them:


  • Integration with BaseLinker – which allows you to manage all your sales conducted by e-commerce and the marketplace, from one place.
  • Integration with PayU – facilitates the payment process and improves the convenience of shopping.
  • Integration with the van – means that the shipment of ordered items is carried out in a manner consistent with the expectations of customers.

The e-commerce website that we designed and implemented for Teaverso can be scaled along with the business development and opening up to foreign markets.


Product Presentation

Products on the website are presented in a way that shows as much information as possible, without the need to click through them. Additionally, a special filtering system makes shopping easier.

Detailed information

Additional information about each product is presented in a clear and friendly way. To achieve this, we designed a system of special icons.

For Teaverso, we created a modern, extensive B2C e-commerce platform that enables effective sales and facilitates the acquisition of new customers.


A wide shop offer was divided into categories that are easily searched thanks to the navigation at the top of the website.


Technologies we used

In the system we created for Teaverso, we focused on:



An open-source platform that offers personalised, flexible, and scalable solutions for B2C, B2B e-commerce and sales in the omnichannel model.

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