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Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a solution that provides native experiences, and at the same time does not require the installation of a mobile application on the user's device because it runs in a web browser.

Thanks to PWA technology, the range, and availability of digital products are not limited by the quality of the internet connection, the device, or the user’s operating system.

A new approach to design

PWA up close

That is, about the most important technological trend recently

A user using PWA, in fact, opens a website. Its functionality fully reflects the mobile application. The user is often unaware of it because the characteristic elements of the browser are hidden.

The progressive web application provides a positive experience from the first click: it loads immediately, it’s available offline, designed in accordance with the mobile-first philosophy. Regardless of the circumstances - network conditions, smartphone model, or age - the experience is always exactly what the user expects.

Not only modern technology hides behind PWA. It’s also a modern approach to website design. Applications are built and developed using the API while maintaining the concept of progressive enhancement. All this makes PWAs efficient, reliable, and installable - they open in a standalone window instead of a browser tab.


Here are the most important advantages of PWA:

Native browser experience - all mobile device users have access to the progressive web application, no matter if they use iOS or Android.

Higher conversion rate - indicators that are closely related to the speed of the application - conversion, retention, and number of unique active users - are definitely increasing in companies that have implemented PWA.

Less memory consumption - compared to dedicated mobile applications, PWAs take up 25 times less disk space on a mobile device.

Offline experiences - users can use a progressive web application (to a certain extent) even when the mobile device is not connected to the internet or is in airplane mode.

One-click installation - to install PWA on a mobile device, simply select the appropriate option on the website. The shortcut will automatically appear on the desktop, dock, or shelf.

PUSH notifications - web applications enable sending notifications to users, which is especially appreciated in e-commerce.

Automatic update - PWAs don’t require user involvement in the update process, which is automatic.

Perfect omnichannel

Tandemite x PWA

At Tandemite, we have been working with entrepreneurs for over 17 years. We dive into their problems and learn about the difficulties they face in their daily work. We closely follow the changes taking place in the market and the newest trends.

Our extensive experience allows us to support the business in gaining momentum and in setting the simplest path to the final customer. From the entire range of available technologies, we choose only proven solutions - those that are the most appropriate and, at the same time, the most future-proof for our clients.

We create progressive web applications primarily for e-commerce businesses. We use PWA for Shopware 6, thus creating a new sales channel without having to build the application from scratch.


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Perfect match

Is PWA a choice for you?

Check if PWA is a perfect solution for you

A progressive web application is good for your business if:


You want to create an e-commerce platform that will accelerate your sales and bring you profit.


Your business requires a complex application with reactive user interfaces or a static website with dynamic content.


Most (or at least a significant proportion) of your customers use mobile devices, and you aim to provide them with the best experience.

Technology that allows you to accelerate? Yes, we have it.

Get in touch with us. Let's talk about what we can do for your business.

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Maciej Pałubicki
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An alternative for native apps

PWA in practice

About the businesses that have trusted PWA.

PWA solves two serious problems entrepreneurs meet. Firstly, it offers better performance and usability than responsive websites, thus ensuring higher conversion rates. Second, it is an excellent alternative to native applications - which are expensive to build and maintain.

See what has changed in the companies that have opted for PWA:

The web application created by Twitter allowed to increase the number of tweets by 75% and the number of pages opened in one session by 65%. The bounce rate decreased by 20% * (Twitter Lite PWA Significantly Increases Engagement and Reduces Data Usage, WebDev).

Alibaba, the largest B2B service in the world, after implementing a progressive web application, increased the conversion rate (understood as establishing direct contact with the supplier) by 76% (Alibaba, WebDev).

After switching to PWA, Forbes significantly improved the experience of its users. Loading time is currently 0.8 seconds (previously 3-12 seconds), thanks to which the session length has increased by 43%, and user engagement has increased by 100% * (Forbes - Redefining Modern Web Development, Google Chrome Developers).

The companies that decided to implement PWA also included: AliExpress, OLX, Jumia, Pinterest, Trivago, Spotify, Tinder, Uber.

76 %

higher conversion after implementing PWA (Alibaba)

100 %

higher customer engagement (Forbes)


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