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React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that perfectly meets the needs of modern businesses. It is distinguished by excellent performance, stability and very high flexibility. React.js is used to create complex and dynamic user interfaces in web and mobile applications.

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How a solution designed for Facebook became one of the most popular in the world.

React was created in 2011 on the initiative of a Facebook employee - Jordan Walke. The developer's goal was to create a JS library that would simplify the interface creation process as much as possible and provide the application users with the best experience.

The innovative front-end solution that Walke designed was originally intended only for Facebook. In 2013, however, React was made available to the community in an open-source model, and since then, it has gained immense popularity around the world. It is appreciated by developing startups and the most recognizable and significant brands, incl. Instagram, Netflix, or Uber.

What makes React.js so popular - and still gaining more attention? Technology has numerous advantages that allow businesses to accelerate. It is stable, secure, and scalable. It allows you to create perfect - both simple and complex - interfaces and reusable UI components. Furthermore, it provides the best experience for users of web and mobile applications.


React.js is:

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A great JS library with an engaged community - React has been tested by the biggest players - such as Facebook and Instagram - and gained their trust. At the same time, a large community that provides support in solving problems has built up around it.

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One-way data flow - guarantees that applications are less prone to errors. Moreover, debugging and code testing run smoothly. Additionally, thanks to clear connections between the individual interface elements, the applications are exceptionally efficient.

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Virtual DOM - React creates and stores a virtual copy of the HTML tree, so it doesn't have to load it every time changes are made to the application. This promotes efficiency - even in the most complex projects - and also enables real-time reloading of the interface.

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Reusable components - UI components created in React can be reused many times, making it much easier and faster to work on a project.

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SEO support - web applications created in React.js are distinguished by lightness and fast rendering, which means short page loading time - a factor highly appreciated by the Google algorithm and essential for positioning.

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Time-saving - React solutions increase the efficiency of developers and significantly reduce their working time. Your product, even if it is very complicated, can hit the market faster.

Fast and reliable

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Tandemite has been specializing in accelerating business for over 17 years. We support our clients by choosing proven technology and providing them with the best digital solutions. We are convinced that this approach gives them a competitive advantage over the competition.

We understand the problems and difficulties faced by entrepreneurs. We also clearly see the direction in which the modern market is heading. We carefully observe changes and keep the appropriate perspective. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients the most adequate and future-proof solutions.

We use the React.js library to create web and mobile applications - with a medium or highly complex, with an efficient and reactive user interface. Our clients appreciate React for its fast and reliable solutions that allow you to efficiently introduce MVP to the market - without any compromise in terms of aesthetics or UX.


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Is React.js good for your business?

Check if React.js is the right answer to your needs.

Choose applications developed with React.js if:


You want reliable technology and a smooth iterative process to provide your customers with the best digital experience.


Your business requires a complex application with reactive user interfaces or a static website with dynamic content.


You need an easily scalable application that will grow with your business.

Best for the best

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A library trusted by the world's largest businesses.

Over the past decade, React has become one of the most popular front-end libraries in the world, and it’s getting more attention every day. According to data collected by the State of JS * (Front-end Frameworks and Libraries), as many as 80% of surveyed users want to use React again in the implementation of new projects. This is the best result of the 10 frameworks and libraries included in the study.

Furthermore, noteworthy is the high level of satisfaction. As many as 84% ​​of people surveyed by the State of JS declare that they are satisfied with working with React. Research by Stack Overflow * (Developer Survey 2022) shows that for the fifth consecutive year, React remains the technology that the largest number of respondents want to work with.

The companies that trusted React.js include: Netflix, Facebook, Dropbox, UberEats, Atlassian, AirBnB, The New York Times, Pinterest.

80 %

of people who have had contact with React would like to use it again

84 %

of people are satisfied with working with React

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch


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Each of the popular front technologies offers slightly different benefits. With this in mind, we can adjust the optimal solution to our client's projects. We focus on React.js when we create dynamic user interfaces, and our client's priority is speed and efficiency.

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