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Product information under control

Product Information Management is a system for creating and sharing product information in many channels, such as e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, websites, mobile applications, catalogs and many others.

PIM enables effective management of the information base about the assortment of your customers and partners both in B2B and B2C.

Information is essential

How does PIM work?

Why manual product database maintenance should be a thing of the past.

PIM is a system that is used to create, collect, store and administer product information. The platform can be integrated with external and internal systems of the company - thanks to this, you can easily distribute data about the available product range in all sales channels you use.

The solutions provided by PIM allow you to create a central database of articles. Thanks to this, you can comprehensively manage information - offer, marketing, technical - of all products that are in your offer.

Our team creates PIM systems based on the Pimcore platform, integrating them with the software your company uses - e-commerce systems, information websites or product catalogs, as well as with the intranet or internal applications.

In a few words

Here are the key benefits of PIM:

Comprehensive management of product information from one place - regardless of the scale of sales.

Automatic flow of product information and minimal risk of errors. The system automatically receives, processes and distributes data.

Uniform structure and high quality of product data. The information fully meets the expectations of your customers.

Better customer service. Thanks to PIM, you can quickly respond to customer requests and make changes to product information.

Lower costs and effective work time management. The system allows you to limit the work of repetitive activities.

Simplified and accelerated procedure for introducing new products to the market - ensuring an advantage over the competition.

This can't get better

Tandemite x PIM

For over 4 years we have been implementing PIM systems that help our clients achieve competitive advantage and success in the e-commerce industry.

We focus on proven open source solutions and reliable technologies. We create PIM systems based on the Pimcore platform - one of the most recognized solutions for product information management, used by over 100,000 businesses around the world.

We have been the official partner of the platform for 4 years. We have the Pimcore Gold Partner status, which confirms our knowledge and experience in PIM implementations for business. 13 Tandemite developers have completed Pimcore Academy programs and obtained Pimcore certification.

Experience in numbers

PIM with the official partner of Pimcore

Our experience can be measured and counted.


years as Pimcore Partner


certified Pimcore Senior Developers


implementations using Pimcore

See for yourself

Is PIM for you?

Check if PIM is the right answer to your e-commerce needs.

Bet on PIM if:


You want to sell through multiple channels and implement an omnichannel strategy. Thanks to PIM, you will gain control over product information in each of the channels.


You plan to expand your current sales system. An extensive offer and a greater amount of assortment require an optimal method of information management.


You want to go out with your offer to new foreign markets. The platform will allow you to manage product descriptions in multiple languages ​​and distribute them to the appropriate channels.


You work remotely and want to improve the flow of information in the company. PIM allows you to efficiently manage the product database, even when your team is dispersed.

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What is the conclusion?

PIM in practice

That is, how business uses the PIM system.

Product information management is a serious challenge - especially if your company's offer grows, you decide to use new sales channels or enter foreign markets.

Product information accompanies the customer at every stage of the purchasing experience - from the moment he enters the appropriate phrase in the search engine, to building a long-term relationship with the brand.

As many as 87% of customers declare that information about the product is key or very important for them when making purchasing decisions. At the same time, half of the customers return the purchased goods because the actual characteristics did not match the description * (Cracking the Consumer Code, Salsify).

Multi-channel communication with the customer, as well as the distribution of consistent and valuable product information - especially with a wide offer - is possible thanks to PIM systems.

> 100 thousand

businesses using Pimcore

74 %

companies using PIM have eliminated errors in product information

61 %

companies using PIM improved their customer experience


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PIM is a solution that is used by medium and large online stores, manufacturers, distributors, online wholesalers, businesses operating in the omnichannel model and using multiple sales channels.

The bigger your e-commerce site is, the more it needs proven technology. What - apart from PIM - is worth paying attention to?

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