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19.02.24 10 min read Technology

6 headless success stories: Leveraging Storyblok, Contentful, and Strapi

6 headless success stories. Leveraging Storyblok, Contentful, and Strapi - blog post banner

For those considering a content management system for their organization, selecting a headless CMS is a wise move. Why settle for traditional when you can have innovative and adaptable? Headless approach to content management is all about efficient content storage and delivery, without being tied to how or where it gets displayed.

There's a range of headless solution providers out there. We're not focused on any particular provider, we're big supporters of the headless content management system and recommend that everyone should give it a thought.

In this article, we examine the positive changes companies experience after switching to headless CMS. Featuring three major platforms – Storyblok, Contentful, and Strapi – we show how headless technologies can be a valuable asset for businesses in a variety of industries, catering to a range of needs.

Quick introduction to headless CMS

Unlike standard CMS that binds content to a specific interface, a Headless CMS is a backend-based system delivering digital content through an API. It separates the 'head' (the part users interact with) from the 'body' (where content is stored).

This separation is what defines a headless system. It's designed with APIs as a core feature, ensuring content reaches its destination.

Headless CMS DOESN’T complicate content management! While a Headless CMS might seem more complex at first glance due to its decoupled architecture, it actually streamlines content management by providing flexibility, scalability, and future-proofing, all of which are crucial in today's rapidly evolving digital environment.

What makes headless CMS the go-to solution for modern content management?

  • Adaptable content for various channels (including websites, smartwatches, smartphones and tablets)
  • More flexibility
  • Easier expansion
  • Faster editing and content updates
  • Better security for the system

Contentful vs Storyblok vs Strapi

Investing in anything other than headless CMS could be a step backward. The future of efficient web development lies in the hands of platforms like Storyblok, Contentful, and Strapi. 

  • Contentful: Ideal for larger, enterprise-level projects needing a reliable and scalable CMS, making global reach a breeze.
  • Storyblok: Stands out for businesses looking for a headless CMS that is both developer and content creator-friendly, offering a unique visual editor experience.
  • Strapi: Well-suited for projects where flexibility, full control over the data and infrastructure are important.

How 6 different companies transformed their content management with headless CMS

Headless is designed for a wide range of uses, from charity organizations and educational settings to the worlds of sports, medical technology, and sales and marketing strategies.

In this section, we’ll take a look at 3 headless content management systems that can serve as a great asset to any content-oriented business that needs to deliver results quickly and without error.

6 headless success stories. Leveraging Storyblok, Contentful, and Strapi_image1

Atras Squash Club x Storyblok

Atras Squash Club, located in Krakow, is a spacious and contemporary venue for squash enthusiasts.

1. Need: The client valued a website that is full of life, yet they don’t want to spend much time on its upkeep. They were looking for a simple solution to add more subpages and sections, and broaden the website's content.

2. Workshops: With an established visual identity, the client sought our expertise in crafting a website that aligns with it. We held workshops to understand exactly what they needed for their site. Additionally, we reviewed competing squash clubs to come up with unique suggestions.

3. Technology: Storyblok CMS was chosen for its easy-to-use control panel and the straightforward process of creating content, enhanced by the visual editor and the ability to reuse components. New pages can be easily crafted from existing blocks.

The client has found the CMS remarkably easy to navigate, stating they feel confident managing the system on their own, and reporting no need for training.

4. Results: The website's design is simple, but it's fully equipped with what's needed. 

At its core is the reservation system, which attracts visitors looking to reserve a court. It was not developed by Tandemite. We've adopted, a system widely used across squash clubs. We've gone further than most by customizing it and ensuring it matches the site's design.

There is also an Instagram module on the main page. It updates automatically when something is published on the company's Instagram. The client does not need to manually update the content.

In this way, the assumption that the client wanted the site to be current and dynamic – with something happening on it, without having to do anything twice in separate communication channels – was fulfilled.

Start-ED x Storyblok

Focused on Poland's educational progress, the foundation Start-ED takes an active role in community projects, and helps students through all phases of their education. They emphasize innovative teaching and aim to cultivate skills needed for the future.

The project was carried out pro bono. We volunteered our expertise to help with the education of the youngest learners.

1. Need: We worked together with Start-ED to develop a new content management system that enables website administrators to take control of their site with ease, eliminating the need for technical IT support.

2. Process: The work began with an in-depth analysis of the foundation's website needs, enabling us to identify vital components for future users and establish a plan of action. Finally, we moved towards the development phase and successfully launched the website. We made sure our client was in the loop at all times. With detailed planning and clear communication, we wrapped up the project after only a few iterations. 

3. Technology: Our team identified the need for a solution that combined advanced technology with simplicity for users who don't have a background in programming. In agreement with the client, we settled on Nuxt 3 and Storyblok, where we hold official partnership status. The standout feature of Storyblok is its visual editor that simplifies content editing for its administrators.

4. Results: We've crafted a website that meets today's design criteria. Visitors can explore the blog, fill out a contact form, and sign up as volunteers. The whole layout is easy to navigate and attractive to look at.

Trening z Basią x Storyblok, spearheaded by Basia, a professional personal coach, embarked on a digital transformation journey to extend her training services online. 

1. Need: She required a fast, intuitive, and user-friendly website for selling personal training sessions. It needed to be effortlessly navigable, allowing visitors to understand the offered services quickly, and move towards booking a session.

2. Technology: To tackle these challenges, the decision was made to leverage Storyblok CMS in conjunction with Nuxt 3. This combination allowed for the development of a website that perfectly aligned with Basia's vision, enabling a clear path for users from discovery to booking.

With Storyblok's CMS, you get the best of both worlds: it's simple enough to create websites full of content without slowing down or getting hard to navigate, while also being ideal for smaller projects by offering rapid deployment.

3. Results: Integrating Storyblok and Nuxt 3 into has transformed it into an efficient website that's straightforward for users. This online space makes it simpler for people to see what Basia offers and book her training sessions without any hassle. The website is designed to rank well on search engines, bringing in more traffic and potential customers.

Zmieniamy niemożliwe x Contentful

At Tandemite, we prove that innovation can go hand in hand with charity. Being involved in the non-profit project for the foundation Zmieniamy niemożliwe – which focuses on providing physical, psychological, and social care to those who need it – is something we are profoundly proud of. The organization is entirely volunteer-run.

1. Need: Our cooperation with the foundation Zmieniamy niemożliwe resulted in the creation of an advanced yet manageable content platform that the client can handle without any developer help. We aimed to attract users to participate in the foundation's initiatives and inspire them to lend a hand to others. To make this happen, our team put in a lot of thought and careful planning.

2. Background: The foundation already had a website, but didn't serve its purpose well and wasn’t effective. Right away, we noticed several major issues. The site was challenging to navigate, and it relied on outdated technology. Not only did this discourage users, impacting the participation of those who might donate or volunteer, but it also led to numerous challenges for the site's administrators.

3. Technology: We advised picking Contentful, a CMS platform known for its straightforward content management and ability to expand the website's content easily. This choice turned out to be exactly what was needed.

4. Process: This project ran alongside our regular commercial projects, and didn't have a specific team assigned. Thanks to our solid project management, team members were always up-to-date on the progress of various tasks and used the time for maximum profit for the client.

5. Results: We have successfully built a platform tailored for non-profit organizations. Besides offering insights into the foundation's missions, the revamped website also allows for easy donations and communication through a straightforward contact form.

Dealfront x Contentful

Tandemite has a track record of backing up another team: entering the fray, carrying out our responsibilities, and engaging fully. Our frontend developers worked alongside a Dealfront’s team, as that was what the client requested, blending our expertise with theirs for the project.

Dealfront equips businesses with advanced sales intelligence tools that provide detailed insights on which companies and their employees have visited your site. The platform also highlights potential similar companies for targeted marketing and sales initiatives.

1. Need: Dealfront was created by combining Leadfeeder and Echobot into one. This merger made it essential to introduce both a new brand identity and a new online presence. They aimed for a CMS that promised ongoing support and development, and was easy to use and edit, along with straightforward translation management. 

2. Technology: We decided on Contentful since it was already part of Leadfeeder before the companies merged. We believe it offers the top features for handling multiple languages, which is essential for a website that's in English and German. Making sure the website was fast was also a must, and with Contentful CMS, we knew how to achieve that.

3. Process: We began by implementing a CMS for the blog to facilitate ongoing publishing. As we managed to stabilize the rest of the website, we moved it all to the CMS, ensuring that every part of the site is dynamic and easily updated.

Considering headless CMS for your needs? Let our specialists guide you.

eOStm x Strapi

To make its clinical trial system eOStm more visible online, DC Software planned on launching an easy-to-use and appealing landing page.

1. Need: Their objective was to establish an online space that acts as the primary contact point for users, effectively communicating what their brand stands for. The landing page should focus on gathering user information and leads while offering a straightforward presentation of the business.

2. Challenge: The web application is expected to be both eye-catching and interactive, with complex animations and lively design elements. The client needed a dependable solution for managing these aspects.

The graphic design was already prepared when we came on board. Our challenge was to translate this sophisticated graphic design into a fully functional website. For this, we recommended a CMS platform and created interfaces for its integration.

3. Technology: As an implementation partner, we embraced the challenge head-on. Our proposal? A standard headless CMS setup using Strapi, valued for being flexible and easy for developers to work with. This way, the client spends less since we employ a pre-built CMS, avoiding the costs of starting from zero, and we simply pair it with a separate frontend.

4. Results: We've hit our target of developing a user-friendly website that makes a strong impression. It perfectly reflects the company's vision with its dynamic and interactive design, while also being a great way to gather contact information and leads. Adopting a headless CMS, the client enjoys a versatile and budget-friendly option that simplifies their content management, keeping their online presence lively and current.

6 headless success stories. Leveraging Storyblok, Contentful, and Strapi_image2

Final word

With us, you get to pick from three different headless CMS platforms: Contentful, Storyblok, and Strapi. Every option is crafted for different uses, whether you're looking for growth potential, the ability to tailor, or simplicity in operation. We carefully select the one that perfectly aligns with the specific demands and future outlook of your clients. As a tech partner, we bring headless CMS to various businesses. Our own website is built using the headless strategy!

Choose Tandemite for cutting-edge web development services, including the use of headless CMS. Let's work together to find the solution that suits your needs best.

Team Tandemite


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