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At a glance

Key Challenges with Traditional CMS

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Bulky Frontend

They typically feature a heavy front-end (head), which can slow down site performance and limit flexibility.

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Content Migration Hassle

Any template change necessitates a cumbersome manual content migration.

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Limited Front-End Technologies

Traditional CMSs confine you to a restricted array of front-end tools, curbing innovation.

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Security issues with plugins

Most of the featured you really need is based on plugins from unsure sources, vulnerable to attacks, and hostile takeovers.


Turning Challenges Into Triumphs

How Our Headless CMS Fuels Growth

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Streamlined Performance

Without a predetermined front-end, a Headless CMS ensures rapid site loading and optimized performance. Your customers expect flawless performance. And that’s what they’ll get.

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Made for a great design

You’ll have the freedom to design and implement any front-end layer, tailored to their unique requirements. Customers change their needs? You change the design!

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Unbounded Flexibility

Headless CMS allows you keep you content untouched no matter what happens with your front-end. It also ensures that content is seamlessly pushed to any of you channels.

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API-First Nature

This ensures easy and seamless integration with a vast array of external systems without the added bloat of unnecessary plugins. It also ensures that content is ready to be published to any platform or device.

Your Powerful Allies: Storyblok, Strapi, Contentful.


Robust and future-proof headless CMS options designed to meet your diverse needs. No matter where your preference lies, each platform offers a unique set of advantages and powerful tools to transform your business. At Tandemite we leverage each platforms' strengths to maximize your digital potential, and we're here to guide you.

82 %

of companies reported that adopting a headless CMS enhanced efficiency, financial management, team output, alignment with their KPIs, and profit/expansion.

47 %

of organizations that leverage API-first approach (which is the foundation of headless) implemented innovative strategies into their work

43 %

marketers believe that thanks to Headless CMS, they are less dependent on the IT department

Storyblok: Your Story, Your Way

Storyblok is combining the best of traditional and headless CMS, offering a visual editor that ensures a great user experience. Perfect for those seeking innovation and migrating from WordPress.

Unlimited scalability? Flexibility, limitless content and integrations? Say no more, choose Storyblok.

  • Trusted by global brands including Adidas, Tesla, and Netflix
  • Used by over 120,000 developers and marketing staff globally
  • Gives 3x productivity boost after implementation thanks 
to visual builder

Not sure which front-end framework will work best with Storyblok? Check our free eBook “Next.js 13 vs Nuxt 3: Unraveling the Best Choice for Headless CMS”!

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Contentful: Redefining Content Consistency

Contentful is leading the evolution of content management with its headless approach and composable content system. This CMS, allows you to maintain consistency in your offerings and shared content across all channels. Its RESTful APIs make integration with any device, system, or tool a breeze.

  • Market leader, particularly beneficial for scale-ups
  • Exceptional localisation features for global expansion
  • Proven track record in boosting eCommerce conversions
  • Smooth integrations with RESTful APIs
  • Extensive marketplace for integrations, including Dropbox, Frontify, GA4, Jira, Phrase, Salesforce, Shopify, Typeform.
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The Empowerer

Strapi: Unleashing Creativity

Strapi is a robust headless CMS solution works best in projects that require unique solutions and flexibility. It gives developers the freedom to choose front-end technologies without any restrictions. Its user-friendly interface helps your team deliver consistent content faster. Plus, a robust open-source community lays a great foundation for future growth.

  • Provides content management services for
top-tier companies, including NASA and IBM
  • Empowers developers with the freedom 
to choose any front-end technology
  • Works great with multichannel content management
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Take the lead in your industry with our headless CMS expertise

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch
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In a few words

What Headless CMS means for Your Business?


No more struggle with Core Web Vitals. Headless CMS means stellar performance and lightning fast page load.


Freedom to select front-end technologies, leading to tailored content presentations and consumption.


Flexibility in content distribution across many channels and faster content delivery.


Enhanced system security through the separation of front-end and back-end servers.

Go Headless with Tandemite!

Our headless CMS solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing technology, allowing you to manage your digital resources effectively and at scale.

That’s not everything. We’re officially the Storyblok Certified Partner. If you decide that this is the hero you want to choose, we’re a perfect match!

  • Over 17 years of experience in implementing CMS solutions
  • A team of 30 specialists delivering tailor-made solutions
  • Extensive experience with more than 100 million visits to the pages we've created

Our Experience

How we support our clients with Headless CMS

The future of CMS is now

Why Top Companies are Turning to Headless CMS?

Headless CMS significantly cuts the costs associated with managing vast content volumes. The State of CMS 2023* report reveals that 67% of organizations use more than one CMS, with 65% being traditional or custom CMS.


Contentful's user survey found that 82% recognize a direct connection between digital experiences and revenue growth. However, 76% feel they lack the tools for consistent content delivery.

Switching to Headless CMS opens doors to seamless tech integrations, delivering content across channels, including AR and VR. It has been proven, that companies adopting this approach mark improvements in development speed, collaboration, content management, and overall business outcomes.

Join industry front-runners like NASA, IBM, Walmart, Adidas, and Netflix in leveraging Headless CMS.


Source: CMS statistics you need to know in 2023

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