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Accelerate your business development with Pimcore

Be ready for the time full of opportunities in which an effective information management system can play the first fiddle
and effectively increase your advantage in the market and increase your sales opportunities.

We present to you: Pimcore: a guide to digital transformation in business

This e-book answers the key questions about expansion of your business with Pimcore

Only 2 chapters are enough to learn:

  • how to choose the best Product Information Management system and/or media and customer experience (PIM, DAM, DXP),
  • what are the most popular solutions on the market and how do they differ,
  • why is it worth considering choosing Pimcore Platform as your base software,
  • what are the possibilities of Pimcore in the Open-Source version,
  • what kind of extensions you will find in the Enterprise edition,
  • news in the Cloud version.


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We work together with clients. In tandem. We want their business to grow because this is the way we grow too 

This e-book was inspired by hundreds of hours of conversations with our clients. The most common questions they asked were:

  • How can Pimcore support you in your international expansion?
  • What can Pimcore be integrated with?
  • How does Pimcore improve the translation of content and localization of the product offer?
  • How does Pimcore increase the security of cooperation with external suppliers?
  • What are the possible ways to implement Pimcore?
  • What are the best practices for implementation?
  • What is the MVP implementation, and what are its stages?
  • What are the differences between PIM implementation and DXP and Commerce?
  • What is your role in the implementation process?
  • What savings gives you investing in Pimcore?
  • What are the benefits for individual departments in your company?
  • Are there any case studies of organizations that have already implemented this solution?

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