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Abra Meble

2019 | Retail

Abra Meble x Tandemite

How we created an efficient sales system for the largest chain of furniture stores in Poland and gained a long-term customer.

Stage 1: In tandem with whom?

Abra Meble – a leader in the furniture market

Abra is one of the largest furniture stores in Poland, with sale points all over the country. The goal was to create a modern online store that would enable Abra’s customers to purchase furniture online.

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Stationary sales

Abra Meble runs over 100 physical stores in Poland.

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The first Abra store was opened in 1990. The company has been continuously developing for over 30 years.

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Local producers

The company mainly cooperates with Polish producers of furniture, as well as interior and garden elements.

Cards on the table

Let’s start with the specifics

Our cooperation with Abra Meble in numbers:


the beginning of our cooperation


sales are launched in Magento 1


a new version of the website is launched in Magento 2

Stage 2: Where to?

Design challenge

For many years, e-commerce was not a priority for Abra Meble, as the company was focused on traditional retail activities. The brand’s website, which was created with Magento 1, consisted of a virtual catalogue of products that could not be sold. However, the growing interest in purchasing furniture online led Abra to decide to launch a serious e-commerce platform.

The first challenge we faced in this project was to launch sales in the Abra system.

The second challenge, which we took up after several years of cooperation, was to transfer the e-commerce operations to Magento 2 and provide the company with a fresh start. By launching a modern desktop and mobile version, we simplified the user’s shopping path as much as possible.

Tandemite through the eyes of the client

See what Abra Meble thinks of our cooperation


Tandemite met all project requirements. Their team managed the project well by maintaining communication and being responsive to requests. Offering quality solutions at a competitive price, they’re recommended.

E-Commerce Manager

Abra Meble

Stage 3: In motion


In the first stage of our cooperation, we focused on launching of the sales process in Magento 1, which was then used by Abra. We managed to achieve this goal in less than six months. During the following years, Tandemite took care of the website and gradually developed the brand’s online store.

For the next step, we decided with the client to transfer the Abra store to Magento 2. This change was necessary due to various factors: the support period for Magento 1 was coming to an end, and the platform was constantly showing signs of deviating from modern standards. Therefore, the Abra Meble e-commerce system needed a fresh start.

To properly plan the project, we conducted research with the Abra website users and performed an analysis of competing companies.

Implementation details

Our cooperation with Abra Meble included elements such as:

  • Business analysis
  • UX audit
  • User research
  • ERP integration
  • Magento 1&2
  • Service support
  • Technical assistance
  • Constant cooperation

Stage 4: Finish


Our team created a modern online store for Abra Meble in a desktop and mobile version, which it has improved many times in the years that followed. We designed solutions that met the users’ expectations and provided them with the best experience at every stage of the sales path.

We paid a great deal of attention to the right presentation of the products, to ensure the furniture and interior design elements were presented in an aesthetic, modern way. Thanks to this, it is much easier for customers to make their purchasing decisions.

The solutions that we developed provided Abra Meble with a significant increase in turnover and allowed the company to expand in the e-commerce market. This resulted in many years of cooperation with our team.


Home page management.

The current configuration provides many possibilities to improve sales and add promotional campaigns.


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Viewing the product range.

Advanced filtering mechanisms make it easier for customers to browse the products and improves the conversion rate.


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The solutions that we developed provided Abra Meble with a significant increase in turnover and allowed the company to expand in the e-commerce market.

Full mobile support

The website’s RWD architecture makes shopping convenient on any device.

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Something for the geeks

Technologies we used

In our projects, we only use proven technologies. For Abra Meble we used:



An e-commerce platform for building multichannel B2B and B2C sales that has been continuously developed by Adobe since 2020.

Learn more


An open-source data storage system that boosts frontend and back-end performance and speed in web applications.



A full-text search engine, build on Apache Lucene library. It allows fast searching of any data.

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