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Engaging and consistent content across all channels

Contentful is a platform that allows you to create, manage and share a variety of content in any selected channels, such as websites, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms and much more. 

Your content becomes standardized, structured and fully integrated with sales systems and other tools that you use in your company.


What is Contentful?

That is, about engaging experiences with headless CMS.

Contentful is a SaaS tool for creating and managing online content. This headless CMS solution allows you to collect content in one place, efficiently manage it and publish it wherever you think.

Contentful can be operated by one person as well as by groups. Individually assigned roles and accesses enable effective work with content - even in dispersed teams.

In the 21st century, even the best product will not sell if no one finds out about it. Currently, the market standard is to create content tailored to the recipient and their repeatability in the purchasing process.

In a few words

Contentful's strengths are:

Intuitive operation. Contentful can be operated by non-technical staff without any knowledge of technology.

CDN, or content delivery network. Contentful, thanks to the CDN network, delivers your content to the audience quickly and reliably.

Create microservices. On the basis of the content you already have, quickly publish microservices that will catch up on sales trends.

Clear and legible user interface. Tested to achieve the best results, Contentful offers you a beautiful and simple user interface. We care about author experience.

Publish content to all channels. The API allows you to instantly deliver content to all mobile and web channels.

Full freedom in choosing the content. With Contentful you collect and manage movies, sound files, graphics, text, documents.

A new dimension in content publishing

Tandemite x Contentful

For over 17 years, we have been supplying business with technology that accelerates business development. During this time, we managed to get to know inside out all the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs. We perfectly understand the challenges posed by the market - more and more demanding every year.

We are convinced that proven technology is the foundation on which you can build a competitive advantage. That is why we offer you a number of reliable solutions and tools - such as headless CMS Contentful - that we fully adapt to your business needs.

A team of experienced developers, designers and analysts watches over your success. You can trust us.



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What is the conclusion?

Contentful in practice

That is, of the great importance of consistent content.

As shown by the data collected by Contentful, the vast majority of brands realize that creating the right digital experience is crucial for business. This is confirmed by research conducted among consumers - as many as 83% of them want to buy products of brands that implement the omnichannel strategy, maintaining consistency in the offer and shared content.

Interestingly, as many as 76% of companies that use traditional CMS systems have a problem with creating and delivering consistent content. The vast majority of creators see that they cannot fully control their content without the support of the developers.

Headless CMS, such as Contentful, can be the best response to customer needs and business problems.

< 2000

companies using Contentful

400 thousand

active Contentful users

60 %

Increase in e-commerce conversions using Contentful


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Related Technologies

Contentful has been equipped with RESTful API interfaces, thanks to which it can be integrated with any devices, systems and tools. Both those that you already use and those that you will decide to implement in the future. 

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