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We build eCommerce software for manufacturers

The manufacturer makes it and the seller sells it?

Forget about this division. Business is about reaching the customer. But different pathways lead to this goal. Many of them have already been mapped out, but others are yet to be discovered.

When looking for the right direction, we don’t copy and paste. We carefully match the technology to your business – never the other way around.

In a few marketing words

Proven technologies are the foundation on which we build your competitive advantage

See how we can help you and decide what you want to achieve with us.



Accelerate growth with a new e-commerce solution.

Securely migrate to a new sales system.

If your current e-commerce system doesn’t allow you to do more, then start again. With us.

We’ll lay new foundations for you, so your ambition will be the only limitation.


Develop your sales system.

Increase the efficiency of your operations and sell more.

Do you want more of what you already have? Are you accelerating but your current partner can’t keep up with you? We can expand your e-commerce system and offer solutions to improve your growth.

From integration, to automation, to increased sales.


Combine your physical shops with online sales.

Get ready for a new reality.

To successfully run multi-channel sales, you need reliable systems and solutions that can grow with your expectations.

Do you want to keep up with the fast-paced world? You’ll need proven technologies.


Enter new foreign markets.

Grow your business across borders.

You have the products that the world is waiting for. Eight billion people is quite the target audience. The sooner you realise this, the sooner your business will start growing.

Take a step toward foreign markets and open yourself up to new customers.



Sell directly to the customer.

Decouple your income from the distributors.

With us, you’ll reach customers with your product. Let us increase your profits by connecting your management software with your production facility, warehousing, purchasing and sales.

All in one place. From A to Z.


Operate in multiple markets simultaneously.

Increase your competitive advantage.

No-one said that direct sales were easy. But with systems that automate your order coordination, it can be simpler and less time consuming.

Increase the resilience of your business and diversify your sales.


Combine marketing with sales.

Create a service that frees you from dependence on your IT department.

So, you want a corporate service that combines the needs of your marketing, sales, HR and business processes. Sounds unrealistic? Let’s find out together.

Plan your actions and see an accelerated machine bring in profit.


Scale the technology as your business grows.

Choose a system that adapts to your needs, securely and efficiently.

You don’t have to guess or predict what you’ll need in a few years. We’ll select a technology that will grow with you.

Automating your processes will also reduce the number of mistakes you make.

In a few marketing words

We’re here to help your business

We never go round in circles. We understand that the foundation of any business is to skilfully solve any customer problems – nothing more, and nothing less.

That’s why, from day one of our partnership, we look for the easiest way to reach your customers. Then, step by step, we select the technologies and create the solutions that will make their lives easier.

It’s faster and more efficient than ever before.

In a few marketing words

We uphold our values. The pillars of Tandemite

We appreciate the efforts of our customers who, day after day, build their businesses and develop more ideas. We want to help them the best way we can, through honest and loyal support and by finding the simplest path to reach their goals.

Although the road is not always easy, and the world is getting more and more complicated, we believe that a team of talented, committed and trustworthy people can achieve anything.

Let’s do it together.


We openly tell you what works and what things are better to let go.


We trust our partners and each other. We work every day to earn your trust. You can rely on us.


We take you and your business seriously. We respect your time.


We openly tell you what works and what things are better to let go.


We take you and your business seriously. We respect your time.


We trust our partners and each other. We work every day to earn your trust. You can rely on us.

In a few marketing words

We don’t take shots in the dark. We aim for the target

At Tandemite, we see technology as a key ingredient to your success. It’s a means, rather than the end.

We focus exclusively on proven solutions. We know what works today and we can predict what will work best tomorrow, all to put your business ahead of the pack and leave the competition far behind.




A platform for managing product information and e-commerce digital assets.

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An e-commerce platform with a user-friendly administration panel and a wide range of functionalities. It allows you to grow and scale your business quickly.

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An e-commerce platform for building multi-channel B2B and B2C sales. Developed by Adobe since 2020.

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What our customers say about us

What is it like to work with us?

Enough about us, let those who matter most speak now. Our customers.


Tandemite successfully built out the platform. They transferred processes online in good order. Project management was agile and subdivided efficiently.

Piotr Kaźmierczak | Founding Board Member



Tandemite has executed work that's become the cornerstone of the client's business. While the scope of the project has been expansive, they've done a great job staying on top of things. The team has demonstrated great knowledge and are experts in Magento configuration. They're very experienced.

Tomasz Żytkowicz

Heads Advertising


Tandemite understood the need for simple yet effective solutions, which translated into a strong website. So far, the site has had a positive impact on sales and boosted the brand's reputation.

Krystian Kucharski



The project was completed on-time, and it aligned perfectly with the requirements. It was a close collaboration, with Tandemite working closely with the development team. The specialists' work didn't require any corrections.

Head of Digital Marketing

Technology Services Company

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