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It is estimated that in 2021, one in four people in the world - a total of more than two billion people - bought at least one product or service online. Forecasts predict that by the end of 2023 e-commerce sales will be worth $6.5 trillion, which is almost 1/4 of all retail sales in the world * (Essential Ecommerce Statistics, Facts and Trends 2022, Thrive my way).

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New reality

The store open to customers

E-commerce has made shopping easier than ever before. Convenience, wide choice, time-saving, availability at any time, from a variety of devices - all this encourages customers to buy online. It also makes their expectations high.
And these are constantly growing.

Has the pandemic changed a lot in the e-commerce market? Yes and no. The new reality, outlined by numerous limitations and restrictions in stationary sales, caught up with the business faster than we expected. However, the direction of changes remained the same.

The first wave of the pandemic brought us a sudden growth in e-commerce sales. This trend - despite the stabilization of the economic and political situation - still persists. Consumer habits have changed for good. Time for your business to keep up with them.

In a few words

New reality, new e-commerce

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Unique experiences. The customer is not interested in buying the product anywhere, closing the application, and forgetting the whole thing. It's about

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Speed ​​and convenience. There is no room for any concessions at this point. The online store must enable intuitive navigation and the ordering process, quick payment, shipment and complaint, and comfortable customer service.

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Plenty of choices. The modern user dislikes compromises. If your e-commerce does not provide their favourite shipping option or payment method (e.g. deferred payment), they will find them somewhere else.

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Trust and predictability. It is essential that all customer expectations - regarding the product and service at all stages of the purchasing process - are met. Only this approach gives them a sense of security.

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Accurate information. A customer who visits an online store wants specific details.  How many items of the product are available in stock, how many days will they be waiting for the shipment, what features does the product have, and how do other users rate it? Wrapping around the bush has no place in e-commerce.

We know what we're doing

B2C x Tandemite

Our Tandemite team is full of experienced and curious people. We are accompanied by certified Shopware and Pimcore developers, as well as Magento specialists. There are real veterans among us and many young talents. We all work consistently and methodically for success - yours and our own.

For over 17 years, we have been creating innovative technological solutions for the e-commerce industry. We work with B2C businesses, we also design systems for enterprises from the demanding B2B sector.

We understand perfectly the challenges faced by businesses in the new, post-pandemic reality. Likewise, we know the problems of entrepreneurs, and we know how we can solve them thanks to technology.

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Tandemite in numbers

Here are some facts:

17 years

of Tandemite on the market



< 100

million visits to the pages we have created

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Proven technology

Technology for B2C

Appropriate tools and solutions, which we have repeatedly tested, allow us to accelerate your business. And push it directly to the client.

We focus on proven technologies:



An open-source e-commerce platform offering great personalization options. The solutions provided by Shopware are distinguished by innovation and flexibility, and at the same time are easily scalable. The platform is used by over 100,000 B2C and B2B e-commerce worldwide. [Shopware business partner] 

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Magento (Adobe Commerce)

An e-commerce platform used by medium and large companies in the B2C and B2B sectors, that plan dynamic development. Magento allows you to conduct multichannel sales and support multiple markets at the same time and furthermore, it creates virtually unlimited expansion possibilities.

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An open-source platform that enables the management of e-commerce platform resources, including product information, digital content, and customer experiences of an online store. Pimcore is trusted by over 100,000 businesses from all over the world. [We are gold partners]

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When you want more

B2C and B2B in one system

You don't want limitations in your business? Bet on technology that will combine B2C and B2B sales.

Do you run a business in the B2B sector, but want to try your hand at direct sales? Or maybe you sell in the direct-to-customer model, but also want to reach business customers? Manage your entire e-commerce with one system.

The technology and solutions we create will allow you to:

- manage B2B and B2C sales in one system,
- sell in the omnichannel model (online and stationary),
- scale the system along with business development,
- automate sales and marketing processes,
- conduct B2C and B2B sales in many markets at the same time.

Take the lead in your industry with our B2C eCommerce expertise

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch


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Related Technologies

To give you access to the best solutions, we will integrate your e-commerce platform with internal and external systems, such as:



Software to complex business management. ERP helps with managing sales, resources, production, HR, or finances.



System to manage relations with your current and potential customers. CMR allows the creation of procedures and tools which are needed to contact customers.

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