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Shopware: Why is it worth investing in professionals?

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Who is a Shopware developer? How to choose the right team to implement the platform? If you want to stay ahead of the competition and provide your users with the best experiences, start by choosing proven professionals.

Who is a Shopware developer?

A Shopware developer is a programmer who specializes in creating and modifying websites using the Shopware eCommerce platform. Shopware 6 is a modern, flexible, and open eCommerce platform that provides businesses with a range of options for customizing and scaling their online presence.

A Shopware developer handles tasks such as:

  • Implementing Shopware.
  • Modifying existing websites created with Shopware, by adding new features or altering existing ones.
  • Fixing bugs and performance issues on websites created with Shopware.
  • Integrating external services, such as payment systems or shipping services, with websites built on Shopware.
  • Writing and modifying plugins for Shopware.

A developer working with Shopware 6 must possess a broad range of skills and technical experiences. Knowledge of PHP, the primary programming language used in Shopware, is essential for efficient work. Moreover, Shopware 6 is built on the Symfony framework, meaning that experience with this framework is crucial. Symfony, as a popular and comprehensive PHP framework, facilitates the creation of large, complex web applications.

In terms of user interface, experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is important. Shopware 6 uses Vue.js, a modern JavaScript framework, to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Therefore, the ability to work with Vue.js, or another similar framework like React or Angular, is necessary for creating interactive and responsive interfaces.

Database management is another key element of working with an eCommerce platform. Proficiency in working with database management systems, such as MySQL, is significant. The developer must be able to design, implement, and manage database structures that effectively handle large amounts of data and enable fast, reliable transactions.

Another crucial tool that a Shopware 6 developer should know is version control tools, such as Git. Version control is a key element of any complex software project, allowing multiple developers to work on the same code without conflicts.

Finally, the developer must have knowledge of APIs and the ability to integrate external services. eCommerce stores must be able to communicate with many other systems, such as payment systems, shipping services, inventory management systems, and even social media platforms.

In conclusion, a Shopware 6 developer must be competent in many different technologies and tools, and must also be able to effectively collaborate with others in order to successfully create and customize online stores for various clients.

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Shopware Academy

The Shopware Academy is an initiative created by the developers of Shopware, aimed at enabling users to obtain support at every stage of their business development. This project is aimed not only at those who want to optimize their work with the platform, but above all at those who want to become real specialists in this field.

Thanks to the Shopware Academy, programmers can obtain various certificates, which confirm professionalism in areas such as design and programming. This is crucial for people who want to extend their skills, especially for developers wishing to enhance their skills in the context of the eCommerce platform.

Shopware Academy offers its training both in-person and online, which means they are available to everyone, regardless of location or schedule.

Depending on the area of specialization, training leads to certification in one of four types: Template Designer, Template Developer, Developer, Developer Advanced. Each of these certificates represents a different level of advancement in the field of programming or design, thus highlighting how important it is to focus on technical and visual aspects in eCommerce.

Shopware's certificates are a valuable source of formal qualification confirmation, which can be extremely useful, for example, when looking for jobs or contracts.

Extracting the full potential from an eCommerce platform like Shopware requires understanding and utilizing the latest trends and tools in the field of electronic commerce. This is precisely what certified Shopware programmers offer. They have access to the latest knowledge and experience, which help to develop an online store and maintain an edge over the competition.

Shopware Partners - Why is it the Best Choice?

Shopware Partners is a program designed to identify and connect specialists who possess the required certificates and skills to work effectively for their clients.

When choosing a partner to work with, it's important to pay attention to their experience and capabilities. Whether it's a freelancer or an organization, what really matters is the competencies they offer. However, it's worth remembering that an agency usually has more than one specialist on board, which allows meeting a variety of different expectations simultaneously.

Making a conscious decision to work with Shopware developers enables focusing on what's most important - satisfying consumer needs, while experienced specialists take care of the technical issues.

In this way, you can concentrate on growing your business, while your technical needs are met by Shopware specialists.

Choosing official Shopware partners is a strategic and wise business move for many reasons.

  • Quality assurance: Official Shopware partners, like us at Tandemite, have gone through a rigorous certification process that confirms our skills and competencies in the Shopware platform. You can be sure that the project will be carried out in accordance with the best industry practices
  • Access to the latest technology and updates: Official partners have access to the latest Shopware tools, technologies, and updates.
  • Time and cost savings: Thanks to the experience and expertise, the implementation will take less time, minimizing the risk of errors or delays that could lead to additional costs.
  • Post-implementation support: Cooperation with an official Shopware partner doesn't end with the implementation of the store. You can count on long-term support, which includes regular updates, optimizations, and a quick response to any potential problems.
  • Understanding business: Experienced Shopware partners understand the specifics of eCommerce business and are able to deliver solutions that are not only technically excellent but also bring tangible business benefits.
Looking for Shopware pros? Let's talk ;)


By choosing an official Shopware partner, you invest in tried and tested solutions that will effectively support the growth of your business. At Tandemite, we are proud to offer our clients top-quality services that translate into their success in the eCommerce market. Contact us and tell us about your business!

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