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Canpol babies / Lovi

2022 | Retail, Pimcore

Canpol babies i Lovi x Tandemite

Or how we transformed budding product pages into a mature, thriving e-commerce service.

Stage 1: In tandem with whom?

Canpol: a Polish manufacturer of accessories for toddlers

Canpol is a Polish company with almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing feeding and care accessories under two separate brands. Canpol Babies is dedicated to mothers who follow the recommendations of their families and other mothers, and are looking for accessories that are both high-quality and affordable. In turn, Lovi was created for those mothers who trust the experts and appreciate premium products with stylish designs. Canpol contacted Tandemite for help with implementing B2C solutions and launching its online sales on the Canpol Babies and Lovi website.

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A leader in Europe

Canpol is one of the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of toddler accessories in Europe.

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Absolute trust

Canpol Babies and Lovi products are available in over 50 countries, and are recognised and trusted by customers throughout the world.

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A business built upon values

Canpol designs its toddler products based on the experiences of parents, in order to help foster motherly care and family values. The company not only provides parents with accessories, but also offers them expert knowledge and advice.

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Stage 2: Where to?

The challenge

At the time when Canpol contacted us, the company had two well-established and prospering brands: Canpol Babies and Lovi. There was only one step left before complete success could be achieved – implementing an online sales system.

The new website for Canpol Babies and Lovi, in addition to the implementation of B2C solutions, had to be optimised, migrated into an updated version of Pimcore and redesigned, to allow for new language versions to be created.

All of this was done in order to reach new customers directly and streamline their shopping experience.

Stage 3: Moving forward

The process

When we began our cooperation, Canpol had product pages for its two brands: Canpol Babies and Lovi. These pages were online catalogues that allowed customers to view the accessories offered by the company, but with no means of buying them.

Implementing an e-commerce functionality into the existing system required careful planning. Simply making a few cosmetic changes to the product pages and the adding a ‘Buy Now’ button would not be enough. Instead, we had to design a new UI and UX layout that would meet the expectations of Canpol’s customers.

Details of the implementation

Our tasks, as part of our cooperation with Lovi and Canpol Babies, included: 

  • Internet analytics
  • UX inspections
  • Website maintenance
  • Pimcore
  • Functional design
  • Technical support

Stage 4: The finish line

The solution

By designing a full shopping path for the company’s customers, upgrading Canpol’s version of Pimcore (from Pimcore 5 to Pimcore 6 over the first stage of cooperation, and then from Pimcore 6 to Pimcore 10), implementing B2C elements and optimising the website, we have created a fully-functional, modern e-commerce system for Canpol’s two brands: Canpol Babies and Lovi.

In addition, with Canpol’s activity on the international market in mind, we have created an import and export system for the new language versions of the website. Canpol is now able to implement new language versions on their own, thereby opening up their business to more foreign markets.

The project was completed in about 4500 hours with the help of 11 experts.

Data for the geeks

Technologies used

We used multiple reliable technological solutions in the project commissioned by Canpol, including:



A platform for managing data, digital assets and the user experience.

Learn more

The new website for Canpol Babies and Lovi, in addition to the implementation of B2C solutions, had to be optimised, migrated into an updated version of Pimcore and redesigned, to allow for new language versions to be created.

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