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2022 | Real Estate

7R x Tandemite

How we created an advanced image and sales website for the brand after a complete rebranding.

Stage 1: In tandem with whom?

7R – modern warehouse spaces

7R is all about the design, construction, rental and the provision of services to modern warehouses and logistics centres. We wanted to create a CMS that would suit the company’s refreshed brand image.

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Modern products

The company’s clients included several logistics parks with warehouse and production spaces for lease.

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Specialised services

7R provides management services for warehouse spaces, financial and accounting, technical supervision and other services related to the specificities of the industry.

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Impressive results

7R has already leased almost 1.5 million square metres of warehouse and production spaces.

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Stage 2: Where to?

Design challenge

A 7R representative contacted us, because the brand was currently undergoing a rebranding process. The company required a new system that would keep up with its refreshed image and new marketing strategy.

The new system for 7R, in addition to supporting the brand image, was aimed at shortening the time needed by the user to make a decision about renting a warehouse and production space, or using the selected services of the company. It also had to facilitate contact with the 7R representatives.

Stage 3: In motion


To assess the needs of 7R, we began a complex UX and UI phase that included, among other things, user interviews, benchmarking and a competition analysis. We defined the target group of the brand and described the user flow in detail. During the final stage, we created low and high-level mock-ups for the new system.

The UX and user interface design process was advanced and effective. The results we achieved in this stage allowed us to create a seamless service for 7R.

Implementation details

As part of the implementation process for 7R, we completed the following:

  • Business analytics
  • Internet analytics
  • Technological and UX audits
  • Taking care of the website
  • Software and implementation
  • Functional design
  • Graphic design
  • Technical assistance

Stage 4: Finish


For 7R, we designed and implemented an extensive CMS  – it supports the brand image and presents its range of offers comprehensively, including a map of the warehouse spaces. The website is available in two language versions: Polish and English.

The right presentation of the 7R products and services makes it easier for users to find the elements they are interested in. It also facilitates contact with the brand representatives, which helps with concluding a rental agreement or purchasing a selected service.

The CMS we created for 7R allows for intuitive management of the website content. The company’s employees – who include people without technical experience – can independently manage the presented warehouse spaces, add new elements to the content and expand their current system.


Visual identification

New 7R visual identification required expressive and impressive website. Our goal was to achieve this effect while keeping readability and consistency on top. 


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Functionality is the key.

One of the most important project's elements was warehouse space search engine. It had to allow filtering search results easily and show as much important information as possible.

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Warehouse presentation

We guaranteed easy and simple access to all information about warehouse spaces at one place.

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The right presentation of the 7R products and services makes it easier for users to find the elements they are interested in.

Full mobile support

RWD guarantees comfortable usage of the website on any device.

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