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FOX Fittings

2022 | Manufacture

FOX Fittings x Tandemite

How we created the perfect DXP system for a manufacturer specialising in plumbing parts, and why Pimcore may be an ideal solution for enterprises in the B2B sector.

Stage 1: In tandem with whom?

FOX Fittings - polyethylene products for B2B

FOX Fittings is a manufacturer of polyethylene articles used in water, gas and other installations. Our goal was to create appropriate tools for presenting the company’s products and digitising its sales processes.

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Vast experience

FOX Fittings is a company with 30 years of experience and a well-established position in the plumbing industry.

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Massive range

FOX products are available in over 70 countries around the world

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Specialised range

The company’s products include polyethylene parts, including fittings, connectors and valves.

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Stage 2: Where to?

Design challenge

Fox Fittings reached out to us just as it was undergoing a major rebranding. Along with refreshing the company’s image, there was a need to improve the sales tools that the company had used so far.

The solutions had to be adjusted to fit the new visual identity and also enable a better presentation of the product range – especially for international markets. In addition, the system we designed had to simplify some of the sales processes conducted by the client in the B2B sector and transfer them online.

The most difficult challenge we faced in this project was creating a tool that would allow for the presentation of a broad and complex customer product base, in a manner so that it would always be up-to-date and tailored to the expectations of the company’s customers.

Stage 3: In motion


First, we conducted the necessary research and analysis. We got to know the client’s products, defined the target group and conducted benchmarking, which allowed us to assess how FOX Fittings is viewed compared to competing companies.

Once we had the answers to the most important questions, we moved smoothly to the UX design stage. Our team devoted a lot of attention to the complex structure of the product presentation which included, among other categories, groups, types and detailed attributes for all articles in the company’s product range.

The technology we proposed to FOX Fittings to replace its ineffective dedicated system was Pimcore. This choice allowed us to create an extensive CMS and e-commerce B2B platform.

Implementation details

Our cooperation with FOX Fittings included:

  • Business analytics
  • Internet analytics
  • Technological and UX audits
  • Taking care of the company’s websites
  • Software and implementation
  • Pimcore
  • Functional design
  • Graphic design
  • Technical assistance

Stage 4: Finish


Our team created a DXP service that fully meets the goals of FOX Fittings. How did we do it?

First, we implemented an advanced CMS, with which the company can build its image and provide users with the best experience. Its intuitive operation enables the company’s employees to manage the content independently.

Second, we created a B2B e-commerce platform, allowing traders to order products directly from the FOX Fittings website. The platform is integrated with the internal ERP system, which means it always shows up-to-date information about the products. Additionally, customers can download specifications, certificates and other documents related to the products they have purchased from the website.

The system we created for FOX Fittings can be easily scaled to foreign markets and is available in many language versions.


Advanced product searching

Our team put a lot of attention to the way filtering works and to exact product categories presentation.


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Product categories

Each category was presented in the way that helps users make their decisions.

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Visual identification

Contrary to the technical, minimalist product presentation, stand interfaces elements. They match perfectly new visual identification and grab user's attention.

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Our team devoted a lot of attention to the complex structure of the product presentation which included, among other categories, groups, types and detailed attributes.

Full mobile support

RWD guarantees a comfortable shopping experience on every device.

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Technologies we used

In our projects, we only use proven technologies. For FOX Fittings we used:

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