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Which type of data can be managed in Pimcore?

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Relying on old data management systems is costing you more than you think. Most companies waste resources on multiple data systems when Pimcore could simplify their operations. It keeps an eye on your data, so you feel a full control of them. Learn why Pimcore is the best choice for diverse data management needs in modern businesses.

Pimcore is a versatile open-source platform. Its core strength lies in its ability to manage and integrate different data types within a single system, providing a unified view and enabling efficient operations. Think of it as a super-organized digital library.

But what exactly can you manage with Pimcore? Let’s break it down in simple terms.


Considering Pimcore for your business? Discover what types of data you can manage with it

1. Product information -> PIM

Think of all the details you need to keep track of for each product you sell: descriptions, images, sizes, colors, and more. They are often scattered across different spreadsheets, your website, and your inventory management system. 

A major highlight of Pimcore is its Product Information Management (PIM) system, ideal for businesses with large product catalogs. This module helps companies gather and standardize all product-related data in one central spot, ensuring it stays consistent everywhere it's used (like your website, online marketplaces, social media, and print catalogs). You enter or modify the product data once, and it automatically updates across channels. This not only saves a lot of time but also reduces the risk of errors.

Whether you’re managing thousands of SKUs or a more modest product line, Pimcore PIM keeps your data accurate and easy to access.

Clear and detailed product information can lead to higher sales as customers feel confident in their purchase decisions. They get the same information no matter where they look.

Looking for an alternative? For another great PIM system, consider Akeneo, which also saves you time in managing product information.

Key benefits:

  • Centralized product data storage
  • Enhanced data accuracy
  • Streamlined product updates

2. Customer data -> CDP

Getting to know your customers is key to providing great service. Pimcore's Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects customer-related data (such as their contact details, purchase history, preferences, and interactions with your company) from various sources to create detailed customer profiles.

This full picture of your customers allows you to understand customer behaviors, preferences, and needs more deeply. By leveraging this insight, companies can tailor their marketing strategies and communications more effectively, ensuring that each customer receives the most relevant and engaging experience.

Furthermore, the data-driven insights gained from a CDP can help in predicting future customer behaviors, enabling proactive rather than reactive business strategies.

This level of customization and foresight can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key benefits:

  • Detailed customer profiles
  • Better customer insights
  • Improved personalization

3. Digital assets -> DAM

Every business uses photos (product images, team photos, marketing visuals), videos (promotional videos, tutorials, recorded webinars), graphics (logos, design files, infographics), and documents (PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets). These are called digital assets.

Dealing with all these assets within an organization can be tough, but it's necessary in the digital world. They help you market your products. Imagine trying to run a marketing campaign without quick access to the necessary photos, videos, and graphics. It would be a mess, right?

Pimcore's Digital Asset Management (DAM) system helps by organizing, tagging, and managing metadata of these assets in one central place. For example, you can tag images with product names, dates, or campaigns. When you need a digital asset, you can search by these tags and find it instantly.

With a DAM system like Pimcore’s, all departments access the most current and approved versions of digital assets, which is particularly beneficial for global companies. No more searching through endless folders to find that one image you need. No more sending large files via email or struggling with different file versions. Everything is right there, neatly organized.

Key benefits:

  • Single source of truth for all digital content
  • Quick and easy access
  • Improved asset organization

4. Master data -> MDM

Master data is the core information that is essential for the operation of your business. This includes data about:

  • Products: Detailed information about each product you sell, including descriptions, prices, categories, and specifications.
  • Customers: Information about your customers, such as names, contact details, purchase history, and preferences.
  • Suppliers: Data about the vendors and suppliers you work with, including their contact details, products they supply, and terms of service.
  • Locations: Information about your business locations, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Pimcore offers a robust solution to manage master data, helping your business stay organized. If you want to optimize your business processes and ensure that your core information is well-managed, implementing a Master Data Management (MDM) system like Pimcore is a smart move.

Key benefits:

  • Consistent and accurate essential data
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved operational efficiency

5. Content -> CMS

Do you need to keep your blog or website updated with fresh, engaging content? This can be a time-consuming task, especially if your team is using different tools and platforms to publish content.

Pimcore’s integrated Content Management System (CMS) provides tools to take care of your content. Instead of juggling multiple tools and platforms, a CMS provides a centralized platform to manage your website, blog, and social media posts, saving time and ensuring that your messaging is consistent. Everything can be drafted, edited, and stored within Pimcore.

Content can include text, images, videos, and other types of media. Pimcore also allows users to preview how the content will look before it goes live, and set permissions to control who can edit or publish content.

If you’re looking to optimize how you handle your content, consider implementing Pimcore CMS. It provides a simple yet powerful solution to manage all your content needs, helping your business stay organized and maintain a strong online presence.

Key benefits:

  • Multi-channel content distribution
  • Consistent brand messaging
  • Easy access for the entire team


But wait, there's more!

Pimcore software also offers a Digital Commerce Framework for managing both B2B and B2C e-commerce activities. This includes handling product catalogs, setting prices, running promotions, and processing customer orders.


Too much to take in? No problem. Contact us now, with no preparation needed. We're here to help you from the start.

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Final thoughts

Data is king. You can use them to make better decisions, tailor marketing strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and overall business performance.

But do you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of data your team is handling? If you've ever spent too much time searching for the right image or trying to track down an important document, Pimcore is a powerful tool worth considering. It’s an all-in-one solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Delve deeper into its capabilities and uncover a world where disparate data types could be seamlessly integrated and managed.

Curious to learn more? Download our free ebook “Pimcore: a guide to digital transformation in business”.

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