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Technology for B2C e-commerce

Technology drives the B2B sector

The B2B sector is on the edge of a real revolution. The traditional sales model is switching to modern technology and functional e-commerce platforms. Up to 93% of B2B customers admit that they prefer online shopping to conventional meetings with salespeople * (Death of a (B2B) Salesman, Forrester). By 2025 up to 80% of business-to-business transactions will be online * (The Ultimate B2B E-commerce Guide, DHL).

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New reality

B2B place in the e-commerce industry

The e-commerce market, so far, dominated by B2C businesses, is increasingly opening up to the sale of company products and services.

For years - and it’s not stopping - we have observed more and more clearly that B2B customers want to buy online. Today, we know it for sure. The pandemic - and the new reality that followed - only accelerated the pace of the inevitable changes.

Business customers are looking for purchasing opportunities through digital channels, recognizing the benefits associated with them. Modern B2B e-commerce is appreciated primarily for the convenience and the ability to quickly complete transactions, without waiting for contact with a sales representative.

Companies that want to stay afloat and secure a chance for development must adapt to customers' growing expectations. The implementation of a modern B2B e-commerce platform is no longer an option, it is starting to be a necessity.

In a few words

What distinguishes B2B e-commerce?

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B2B purchasing decisions are usually complex. The process that leads to the conclusion of the transaction can be lengthy and involve many people from different departments of the company.

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Prices for B2B customers tend to be personalized. The terms of the transaction are adjusted to the relationship with the customer, the nature of the order, and other factors.

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B2B transactions take place less frequently; however, typically, it's a massive scale. Contrary to B2C, where purchases are made in small quantities by many customers.

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B2B payments often take the form of a loan - unlike B2C, where standard forms of settlement dominate.

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Relationships with B2B customers tend to be long-term in nature, while B2C customers tend to make one-off transactions.

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B2B requires the highest level of personalization. The assortment and product catalogues must be tailored to the individual expectations of each business customer.

Experienced team

B2B x Tandemite

Are you looking for specialists you can trust? A team that will understand the needs of your business and implements optimal solutions? People who are down-to-earth and just know what they are doing? You are in the right place.

At Tandemite, we have been creating sales systems for B2B and B2C companies for over 17 years. We have experience in large-scale implementations. Our clients include, among others, a retail chain with over 100 stationary points of sale.

Knowing the specifics of the B2B sector allows us to emphasize what is essential.

Find out what we can do for your business.


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Proven technology

Technologia dla B2B

The solutions we offer to the B2B sector ensure the best user experience and increase sales efficiency.

We focus on proven technologies:



AAn open-source e-commerce platform with a B2B Suite panel that offers many functionalities for B2B businesses, incl. creating individual offers and price lists, and providing customers with a sales panel where they can easily assign roles, limits, and budgets.

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Magento (Adobe Commerce)

AA platform with integrated B2B functionality, offering, among others, creating custom product catalogues, individual price offers, and self-service portals for customers, facilitating account and order management.

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An open-source platform that enables the management of e-commerce platform resources, including product information, digital resources, and customer experiences of an online store. Pimcore is trusted by over 100,000 businesses from all over the world.

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When you want more

B2B and B2C in one system

Do you want to combine B2C and B2B sales? Choose technology that will not limit you.

Do you sell direct, but also want to reach business customers? Do you operate in the B2B sector, but want to develop towards direct-to-customer? Combine two sales systems and boost your business. It's easier than you think.

The technology and solutions we create will allow you to:

- effectively manage B2B and B2C sales from one place,
- implement the omnichannel strategy by selling online and offline,
- scale the system along with business development,
- automate sales and marketing processes,
- conduct B2C and B2B sales in many markets at the same time.

Take the lead in your industry with our B2B eCommerce expertise

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4.9 rated by our clients on clutch


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More technology

Related Solutions

Integrate your e-commerce with technologies that support business growth.



Software to complex business management. ERP helps with managing sales, resources, production, HR, or finances.



System to manage relations with your current and potential customers. CMR allows the creation of procedures and tools which are needed to contact customers.

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