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Pimcore: What is it and what does it offer?

If your business experiences difficulties with data overload and management of complex business processes on the Internet, Pimcore is the answer. This system also allows for an effective digital transformation of companies that still do not dare to fully digitise. What are the features of Pimcore and why is it worth implementing your organisation?

Data management in Pimcore

Pimcore is an open-source platform allowing for simple and centralised data management, which enables a highly effective optimisation of business processes.

The functionalities of the system include Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP).

What opportunities does Pimcore offer?

Easy product data management

Pimcore allows you to integrate, consolidate and manage any type and amount of data in your company from different sales channels. For instance, if you own a clothing brand with sales are based on stationary stores, telephone sales, an online store or social media, and that is additionally linked to price comparison engines, each newly-introduced product will automatically appear in the databases of each of these channels.

Any product updates will also appear in a system integrating different sales methods, regardless of the type of data involved.

Scalability and support for extended organisations

Pimcore allows for a centralised use of multiple domains, which lets your business grow without having to change the system on which you operate. Your organisation is also able to connect its databases with the new domains without costly migration. This allows different branches of the company to share data. What's more, Pimcore can be integrated with such enterprise management systems as ERP or CRM.

Managing a large number of products

Pimcore allows you to conveniently aggregate and manage thousands of products. You can quickly and easily search, edit and publish content from a single system. All this increases the efficiency of business processes, saving time and team resources and, as a result, significantly improving ROI.

Data integration

Pimcore also provides you with an opportunity to integrate product information, data quality and asset management, allowing your company to control all business information that relates to products, customers, suppliers, and other aspects of your business.

Centralisation of multimedia resources

Pimcore allows you to manage image, audio and video files from the same place. The system also provides a convenient data editor, containing such additions as image cropping, and a tagging option that allows you to quickly find the resource you are interested in.

Video content can also be automatically converted and transcoded. This allows you to create different versions of data for each sales channel, enabling compatibility with the customer's target device, which is an invaluable asset in the age of mobile applications.

Central management of customer data

Pimcore allows, among others, for convenient customer segmentation, offer personalisation and marketing automation. 

Consolidating marketing databases also lets you better manage and coordinate cooperation with partners and suppliers in multi-channel campaigns. The data is unified, transparent and divided into clear segments, which makes it easier to use it in the company's operations, regardless of the scale of business. This also makes it possible to conduct more targeted campaigns.

How to use Pimcore?

CMS (Content Management System)/UX

Pimcore WCM (Web Content Management) allows for the centralisation of activities related to any type of marketing channels, whether they are social media, mobile applications or even IoT (Internet of Things). In addition, the system allows you to create content that is more focused on the customer’s needs and personalised (based, for example, on behavioural targeting). Pimcore is also as easy-to-use as other popular CMS systems: the drag and drop function saves the time of content managers.

Pimcore not only has the same advantages as other CMS systems, but also surpasses them in many aspects: 

  • Pimcore is much more flexible and allows for more in-depth personalisation than Adobe or Sitecore. Unlike those two brands, Pimcore is an open-source platform, which does not require to purchase a license. 
  • Unlike the open-source Drupal or paid Adobe, Pimcore allows you to automate marketing, personalise your content (in Drupal, this requires a paid add-on) and publish content on multiple channels. Pimcore is also, unlike Drupal, ready to handle complex organisations and support cloud solutions, such as Content as a Service (CaaS).


Rich product management features make Pimcore the ideal tool for e-commerce. Data centralisation and the possibility to consolidate multi-channel sales allow for a clear optimisation of business processes, saving employees' time and increasing sales.

The advantages of Pimcore compared to other e-commerce systems are: 

  • Unlike Magento and Shopify, Pimcore offers in-depth personalisation, interactive product configuration and integrated PIM, DAM and CMS functions,
  • Support for Web-to-Print Magic and marketing automation tools (with Magento and Shopify, this requires external tools),
  • Pimcore, unlike its competitors, has integrated PIM and DAM tools while being a fully-fledged CMS system,
  • Unlike Magento and Shopify, Pimcore does not require large organisations to purchase a license to use the software.

Companies that use Pimcore

Pimcore has become very popular among major companies from all over the world, including:

Peugeot Motorcycles

Peugeot used the advantages of Pimcore as a CMS. The company wanted to reduce the time needed to add new products. Pimcore enabled a significant automation of this process. The company's employees also appreciate the ease of use of the website based on the system.

The key point here is that Pimcore works perfectly well in the case of an international company that has branches in many locations and speaks many languages. The system has also enabled the creation of an intuitive product configurator and the use of a native behavioural targeting engine.

Burger King

Burger King took advantage of Pimcore's capabilities in the form of a more convenient website, updated with new content and support for mobile applications, including push notifications. This allowed its customers to receive notifications about new promotions and coupons. 

The system's support for multilingualism was also important, as Burger King operates in many countries, and in each one, the restaurant chain’s offer varies slightly. Above all, Pimcore enables the management of the entire content within a single central system, which greatly facilitates the synchronisation of marketing activities.

Intersport Rent

One of the leaders in the sports products industry uses Pimcore to operate its Intersport Rent service. This allows customers to rent sports equipment instead of buying it. The process is done online, after which the equipment can be picked up at the store.

With Pimcore, an application has been created that allows you to book your equipment in a chosen city or ski resort and on a specified date. The customer data platform (CDP) provided by the system helped to create a coherent database and manage the profiles of over three million customers.

A better database service has not only increased customer satisfaction, but also allowed Intersport employees to optimise the use of the range of products and centralise marketing activities.


Pimcore helped Audi to improve the interior design of car showrooms around the world. It has become possible to connect dealers with suppliers of furniture and showroom signage, allowing for efficient ordering of interior design elements. All of this has served to make the brand image more coherent.

What's more, Pimcore saved the dealers a lot of work that had to be done by hand before by going through extensive documentation and filling out forms. Thanks to the automatic order service, dealers from all over the world were able to quickly set up the decor of the showrooms and place orders from the appropriate suppliers.

Pimcore: flexible and functional

Pimcore allows for an effective management of product information, data integration facilitating cooperation with partners and contractors and easy management of digital resources and customer data. It is a great e-commerce and CMS tool that can compete with the biggest players on the market and even exceeds them in many respects.

If you are interested in the possibilities of this innovative system, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to propose solutions tailored to your business and answer all your questions about Pimcore.

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