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14.06.23 4 min read Technology

Why should you implement Pimcore CMS?

Why should you implement Pimcore CMS? - blog post banner

In today's eCommerce landscape, creating customer-centric services and utilizing modern technologies are key. This process involves managing multiple databases, including product data, which can be effectively organized with the right CMS. By choosing the appropriate CMS solution, you can easily add and modify content on your website, leading to satisfied customers and increased conversions. In this article, you'll discover why Pimcore's CMS is a recommended choice among available tools.

Key takeaways from this article:

  • Why is CMS so important for eCommerce?
  • Why should you consider Pimcore CMS?
  • The importance of personalized customer experience.

Pimcore CMS: Tailored content management system to meet your needs

A Content Management System (CMS) is software designed to efficiently manage content from a single platform. A well-designed CMS is crucial for the smooth functioning of an online store. When building an eCommerce business, it's significant to ensure that textual and visual materials are appropriately organized on your website.

With Pimcore, the content management system is specifically crafted for websites, enabling you to easily adapt to both modern technical requirements and the expectations of your customers.

Content management systems in eCommerce

If there were a contest for the fastest-growing industry in today's world, eCommerce would undoubtedly claim a top spot. Constantly evolving technology and increasing consumer demands require online stores to dynamically adapt to new trends. Therefore, having a well-thought-out digital asset management strategy and a functional CMS in eCommerce is truly indispensable.

Without a carefully chosen content management system, efficient management of product information, creation of categories, and utilization of available materials would be challenging. To effectively handle your data assets, it is crucial to select a reliable CMS when creating your online store.

Web CMS with Pimcore

Pimcore is a well-known open-source software of the PIM (Product Information Management) type used for data management, including product information. It enables the automation of various processes and ensures taxonomy management for an online store.

The platform is highly regarded by companies worldwide, as confirmed by the following testimonial from one of its users:

We wanted to create a flexible way to deliver content to customers quickly and easily. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for editors to work with. - Sven, Country Manager Digital Channel, IKEA Germany.

Open-source is a great option for those who like to customize their solutions. With this type of licence, you can introduce changes to the software according to your needs and distribute it on your own terms.

When it comes to content management systems, Pimcore offers the following benefits:


The creators of Pimcore CMS have ensured that their proprietary system is highly efficient and user-friendly, catering to both technical and non-technical users. Managing digital assets should be as simple as possible.

Multilingual capabilities

With multilingual options, editors can create content in any language while maintaining consistency across different channels in each country. The system utilizes the XLIFF standard.


Pimcore allows simultaneous management of multiple websites. You can confidently publish content in different locations, enjoying an unlimited number of online presences to leverage.


Pimcore is the only solution in the market that integrates eCommerce platforms with a CMS. This enables you to manage both content and consumer experiences from one central location.

Mobile devices

With Pimcore CMS, you can manage content for both desktop and mobile devices. This feature ensures high responsiveness and user convenience for your online store, regardless of the device.

Pimcore offers a comprehensive solution for web CMS, empowering businesses to effectively manage their digital content and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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The mentioned elements not only confirm the necessity of using a CMS in eCommerce but also summarize the advantages of the solution proposed by Pimcore.

Personalized Customer Experience

If you operate in eCommerce, you undoubtedly understand the importance of providing high-quality customer experiences. Observing user behaviours is the only correct path to creating experiences that are genuinely positive. Satisfied customers are the foundation of a well-performing online business, where each transaction is based on thoughtful interactions.

Pimcore CMS is equipped with a behavioural targeting engine that allows for the collection and aggregation of:

  • Personal data
  • Behavioural data

Based on the gathered data on user behaviours, recommendations are generated, enabling you to create modern and automated marketing tailored directly to the needs of your audience.

Contemporary marketing activities are primarily based on identifying the target audience. By knowing your customers and their expectations, you can manage your online store and product information in a way that is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly.

Work Automation

A well-designed CMS is a way for modern marketers to streamline their daily work. Independent content management enables faster content creation and hassle-free publishing on any device. Content creators can focus on the creative aspect of their responsibilities without worrying about technical difficulties that, in the case of CMS, don't even require intervention from programmers. Most often, materials are published by dragging and dropping selected elements into the appropriate place.

System integration also facilitates data flow within the organization and enables collaboration between individual departments. Employees in departments such as sales and marketing can successfully share files using options like granting permissions and commenting.

Automation in eCommerce is an excellent way to optimize work time. Those who delegate some tedious tasks to appropriate software have a greater chance of achieving professional satisfaction or introducing values like work-life balance.

Modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, were not created to take away people's jobs but to make their daily tasks easier. Repetitive tasks are simply delegated, while employed individuals can focus on activities that bring real value to your company.


By choosing Pimcore CMS, you will receive a set of effective tools for SEO. Your content will be properly formatted and positioned, increasing the likelihood of reaching new customers quickly.

Remember how important it is for consumers that the online store website functions correctly. If searching for and purchasing products takes too much time, customers will gladly move to the competition. Therefore, ensure fast loading speed and smooth redirection.

Why should you implement Pimcore CMS?_image2

The creators of the Pimcore system have made sure that the SEO tools include not only search and keywords but also detailed content analysis. Successfully, you can check not only if the texts are properly formatted, but also the level of quality your website is positioned at. Managing product information is one thing - your store must also be visible.

If you have digital marketers in your team, picking Pimcore will provide them with many solutions that facilitate their daily tasks, which will increase both the conversion rate of your online store and the satisfaction of its visitors.

Flexibility and Performance

Pimcore CMS stands out among other available solutions primarily because of its flexibility. The system allows not only for content management but also for handling various types of data in a variety of ways.

In eCommerce, you can use Pimcore for both creating an online store and managing it. All content will be optimized and easy for recipients to grasp, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their consumer experiences and your business's sales results.

It is worth mentioning that both experienced editors and complete beginners can benefit from Pimcore. This CMS is incredibly intuitive, and learning it should take no more than a few moments.

Web Content Management based on open source also provides access to many advanced functionalities, such as behavioural targeting or multichannel publishing, without additional charges. In the case of competing CMS, some of these options require purchasing a licence.

The remarkable performance of Pimcore CMS is influenced by many interesting solutions that can be used separately or seamlessly integrated, allowing, for example, multitasking within your team.


Running a business in eCommerce requires daily work with various types of data, which can be simply unattainable without properly chosen software.

With Pimcore CMS, you can be sure that managing the content of your online store will be easy and enjoyable. The system provides a range of tools for handling an endless number of materials from one central place.

Shopping in a modern online store should be intuitive and enjoyable. By picking an effective content management system, you provide your customers with high-quality experiences, well-thought-out nomenclature, and product taxonomy. All of this contributes to the growth of your business's conversion rate.

Do you feel that Pimcore CMS is the perfect solution for your company? Are you still considering which content management system would be most beneficial for you? Reach out to us, and together we will develop an effective action plan.

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