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14.08.20 4 min read Technology

Top 7 Pimcore Features

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Pimcore is an open-source platform for managing user experiences and diverse data. Thanks to its flexibility, scalability and advanced integration capabilities, it has been chosen by more than 80,000 companies worldwide. The Product Information Management (PIM) system is a component of Pimcore, recommended for large- and medium-sized companies managing large amounts of product data. Below you will find the seven main features of Pimcore PIM. So don't wait! Read on to see how this system can support your company.

Data modelling

The fundamental and convenient function of the Pimcore platform is the ability to create both simple and very complex data models. The software is adapted to manage millions of products, data and links. It supports more than 40 different data types, and defining a new model takes just a few minutes.

The platform supports data in many languages, and the administration panel itself can be run in 20 different languages. In addition, the data models and interfaces are customised for editing and translation. Thanks to this tool, operating in many markets and in an international team becomes easier and much more convenient.

The Product Management System can handle spatial data. It is not limited by a flat data structure, and takes into account extended relationships, attributes and product specifications. It makes it easy to update and customise data in real time and allows for data inheritance. These features ensure that even in a large and complex company, new products are introduced quickly and without unnecessary complications, and existing products are organised efficiently.

Roles and permissions

Pimcore PIM provides the user with access to an extensive yet friendly administration panel. With its help, you can manage all product data. The panel allows for a comprehensive management of all product data, down to each individual record. Strong emphasis is placed on easy searching for and filtering of information. Group editing is another key feature.

Individual employees and teams usually work on building a product information base. With the help of an advanced mechanism of user permissions, each employee has access to exactly the data they need to work with. Individual people or groups see only those fields, bookmarks and data that are necessary at the moment.

Workflow – information flow management

Properly planned data addition and information flow scenarios are very important for product management, as they enable fast and efficient teamwork and allow you to predict and plan work in the company. Pimcore PIM gives you the possibility to define business processes and create information flow schemes. It can use state definitions, actions, transitions and notifications. It also allows you to view the change history of each product. Pimcore PIM provides you with full freedom to create an appropriate workflow.

Data quality control

The goal of any PIM system is to optimise and improve product data management. Maintaining a high quality of this information by standardising, structuring and enriching it plays a key role here. Pimcore PIM gives you the opportunity to create a definition of data quality to facilitate achieving complete, transparent and consistent data.

One of the most useful features is the ability to validate fields. This means that each field can be specified with criteria that the entered value must meet in order to be saved. These are, for example, the number of characters, format or unit. You can also create lists of choices or specify the required type of data.

The platform also includes tools supporting information control and auditing. The data is saved as the next version of the data. The editing history can be viewed, checked and verified. Pimcore can also generate and send reports on data quality and completeness. Data arrays are another useful tool that lets you collectively display all user-relevant data.

Digital Assets Management (DAM)

Pimcore has a module that is a central storage of digital resources. It gathers all images, graphics, documents, films and other files in one place. Various formats are supported. Files can be stored, viewed and even edited from the same location. This ensures that they are always there when they are needed, making it easier to control and manage your organisation's digital assets and preventing their dispersion. The platform makes it easy to search for and share selected resources. It also helps you to automate data flow, which streamlines many processes.

Data syndication

Data syndication involves making specific and selected information from a set of data collected from various sources available. The PIM system collects data from integrated systems (e.g. supplier systems or ERP). Other data are entered directly into the PIM administration panel. It is possible to easily share only the indicated resources with business partners, co-workers and other entities.

The data display can be adapted to the requirements of specific actions. This is a very convenient solution that eliminates the transmission of important data by e-mail or through external services, which significantly improves data security and control over what, to whom and when it is shared. Pimcore facilitates this by offering the REST API, Native API and exporting data in CSV, XML, JSON and PDF formats.

‘Connect anything’

The Pimcore system architecture is based on a holistic API-based approach and the ‘connect anything’ principle. This enables advanced and 2-way data exchange between different systems. Pimcore PIM gives you the ability to easily and quickly export or import data, whether through a company's internal system (e.g. ERP, CMR or e-commerce system) or external applications, such as sales platforms or external partner systems.
Data in the Pimcore system can be:

  • Modelled,
  • Defined,
  • Mapped,
  • Initiated for automatic or manual replacement.

Pimcore PIM is a flexible and versatile tool for managing product information. It handles large amounts of data efficiently and effectively. Advanced integration with other systems makes Pimcore PIM a valuable part of the information flow ecosystem. Appropriate configuration and customization of the platform makes Pimcore PIM a solid foundation for the development of product data management in every company.

Is Pimcore PIM for your company?

To sum up – Pimcore PIM works well for medium and large companies managing even very large amounts of products and data. It allows you to organise and secure important resources, automate processes and integrate existing systems in the company. Pimcore PIM optimises the work of international teams and supports global operations and multi-channel sales. It also maintains the consistency of information and streamlines its flow.

Thanks to its enormous configurability and expandability, the Pimcore platform provides excellent support for a growing organisation. It is also worth mentioning that among the companies involved in Pimcore implementation, there are those with the status of an official Pimcore partner. The condition for a successful implementation of this and other PIM systems is to adjust the tool to the real needs of a given organisation.

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