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TOP 12 Ways to Generate Leads in B2B

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It’s hard to imagine operating in modern e-commerce without a deep familiarity with some reliable methods. You’re likely well aware of how time-consuming it is to draw the attention of potential customers and keep them engaged. If you want to see your online store grow and your conversion rate rise, be sure to read the article below. Here you’ll find here as many as 12 reliable ways to generate leads in B2B, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

Generating sales leads is the foundation of B2B. It allows online stores to develop and move ahead of their competition, both domestically and abroad.

Efficient sales encompass multiple stages, from customer acquisition, through lead generation, to maintaining an engaged consumer base.

We found out the top 12 reliable ways to generate leads in B2B and make potential customers not only satisfied with your services, but also willing to recommend them to others. We will present them in 2 following, articles. Here we present the first 6 ideas. 

What are B2B leads?

A good way to understand sales leads is to imagine a decision-maker interested in specific services or products. In B2B, this decision-maker is a potential client who is showing a strong intention to purchase the offered goods.
Sales in e-commerce are usually divided into two types: business-to-business, abbreviated as ‘B2B’, which refers to a transaction between two companies, and business-to-consumer, or ‘B2C’, which involves sales actions that are oriented towards the end client who initiated them.

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Lead generation differs considerably between B2B and B2C. The most important action in B2B is reaching the target group directly; for instance, through social media or content marketing.

No marketing strategy can be effective without the commercial department taking part in the effort.

How to generate B2B leads and acquire potential customers

When it comes to generating leads effectively, remember that your company’s potential customers are your target group.
Reaching a specific target group presents a serious challenge that requires appropriate research, strategies and tactical plans. Sales actions in B2B are usually oriented towards the long-term and are strictly related to marketing.

The target group and acquiring leads

The target group is a set of individuals who are the recipients of your marketing and sales actions. It is only by knowing your target group’s needs and expectations the you can create solutions that will help you acquire potential customers.

Understanding the needs of your target group is just as important as satisfying the people interested in your products. Always take the expectations of potential customers into account when designing new solutions. This will let you achieve effective sales processes.

Internet presence

Your brand should have an online presence. For this, you’ll need an efficient and visually attractive website, with well-managed social media and content that speaks to even the most demanding customers.

If you run an online store, you probably know how important it is to combine the user experience with modern technologies. Eye-catching visuals are not enough, if your website does not provide viewers with a simple and intuitive interface that lets them quickly find the products they are looking for and easily purchase them.

We know from experience that a compelling website translates into a rapid increase in new customers. If you want your business to generate sales leads consistently, get in touch – we’ll be thrilled to help you.

Case Study

Every B2B company should have a Case Studies tab on its website for potential customers to browse.

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Case studies are an effective means of improving lead generation. They encourage potential customers to learn how you carry out your services, in a step-by-step way.

A well-written case study will improve the chances for a good lead, because by letting your customers in on some of your secrets, you are showing them that their business goals can benefit from your services.

Social media

Generating sales leads through social media is one of the hardest challenges for marketers. Posting requests to give a ‘Like’ on your company’s profile page is not enough. The key is high-quality messages that engage viewers and successfully encourage them to take advantage of your services.

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Always address your social media communication directly to the target group. If you can understand the needs of the viewers and refer to them in your posts, you’ll find it much easier to acquire new customers.

However, social media messages alone are not enough. First, be sure to research your target group in depth, then analyse your competition in the domestic market and, if you also operate abroad, research your foreign markets as well.

Thorough preparation will help your social media draw the viewers’ attention effectively and will improve the generation of B2B leads. After all, social media profiles are one the first places that many potential customers encounter before they decide to cooperate with a company.

Furthermore, remember to stay up-to-date with the trends in e-commerce, as they change constantly but are also indispensable for your social media presence. It is only by fluently adjusting to new trends the you can be sure to stay ahead of your competition in terms of acquiring customers.


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Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most fundamental parts of creating your company image. By publishing both short and long articles, you will improve your chances to sell your products and services, as well as to generate sales leads.
Long expert articles can help you reach the decision-makers in companies interested in your services. By providing potential customers with comprehensive answers to their inquiries – for instance, through in-depth guides – you both gain the viewers’ trust and increase brand awareness.

For the content you publish to reach customers and translate into lead generation, it should be appropriately optimised and, first and foremost, it should include information that a specific target group will find interesting and useful.
Consider using a content management system (CMS) to help you create your e-commerce content. An effective CMS lets you write and publish texts adjusted to the needs of your customers, which in turn enhances your lead generation.

SEO optimisation

Modern technologies allow you to automate many of the processes in your company, including content optimisation.
Relevant keywords and links are not everything. The articles you publish should also be optimised to appear at the top of search results. Good SEO streamlines the generation of sales leads, because the content that encourages transactions will reach potential customers faster.

SEO-boosted content not only means maintaining a high position in the search results, but also provides information tailored to your target group and its real needs. Only personalised texts adjusted directly to the viewers can improve the performance of your sales department and your customer acquisition.

1 part summary

We have completed the first TOP 6 ways to generate B2B leads. In the next part, we will present the remaining 6 and discuss the 3 most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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