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2023 | Pet-tech

Zoocial x Tandemite

Or how we created a modern portal for pet owners that helps in taking care of the health and comfort of animals.

Stage 1: In tandem with who?

Zoocial - for the animals

Zoocial has launched a new project for service providers related to pet care as well as for pet owners. This project aims to create an ecosystem that provides support in every aspect of animal care, ensuring access to reliable knowledge and the best specialists in the field.

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Engaged Community

At the heart of Zoocial beats a dynamic community of dog and cat caregivers. Users of the platform eagerly share their experiences, joys, and challenges associated with caring for their four-legged friends. It's a place full of support and understanding.

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Reliable Knowledge

Zoocial consistently provides its users with articles written by experts in animal health, nutrition, and care. Thanks to these resources, caregivers can tap into trustworthy knowledge that aids them in their daily care of their pets.

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Platform's Mission

Zoocial is founded on the belief that every dog and cat deserves top-notch care. With the resources available on the platform and the support of the community, caregivers have the opportunity to hone their skills. Zoocial's goal is to assist caregivers in their pursuit to provide animals with love, health, and safety.

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The challenge

Zoocial came to us with a vision to create the largest pet care portal in Europe. The portal was intended to assist pet owners in maintaining their pets' health and ensuring their comfortable living.

One of the key objectives of the project was to present information attractively and up-to-date for a diverse audience, meeting their individual needs and expectations.

Equally important was strengthening brand awareness through education, which would not only increase the portal's value in the eyes of users but also contribute to its credibility. Our client required a solution that would allow them to quickly and conveniently share such materials.

Furthermore, as the portal developed, scaling the solution became an essential aspect, which had to be both flexible and stable. To ensure the highest content quality, effective information management was required, which entailed structuring and organizing data access.

In this context, implementing content versioning functions became a significant project component, allowing tracking of changes and updates made within the portal.


The process

The initial step involved thoroughly analysing the client's needs and planning each phase, resulting in comprehensive documentation based on our gathered functional requirements.

Subsequently, we embarked on user interface design. Our design team crafted a functional and intuitive design, emphasizing ergonomics and end-user usability.

Once the interface design was approved, our developers tackled its implementation, attending to every detail. In our initial phase, our focus was on the MVP.

Our scope of action centred on launching a platform equipped with the following modules:


  • Adoption Module: This section aids in finding loving homes for animals from shelters and those unable to stay in their current homes. A key feature was enabling Zoocial staff to add listings via an admin panel. Each listing provides detailed pet information and contact data for potential caregivers to directly connect.
  • Pet-friendly Location Database: Functions as a knowledge repository about experts from various fields, from veterinarians to groomers and pet-sitters. It lists pet-friendly venues like hotels, shelters, and cafés. Its primary goal is to facilitate users in finding reliable information
  • Dog Breed Database with Search: Designed to help prospective owners find the perfect dog or cat. A unique feature allows users to answer a series of questions, with the system suggesting breeds that best match specific criteria.
  • User Profile: Currently contains user and pet data. Filling in details, like address, pet info, favourite articles, and consent management, is the user's responsibility. Additional functionalities, like a pet's Health Booklet, are in the pipeline.
  • Article Database: A space where specialists across fields can publish articles. These valuable knowledge sources offer verified and reliable information to ease pet care.

Throughout the project, we applied the Scrum methodology with an iterative approach, allowing us to continually adapt to evolving needs and demands. To ensure smooth and efficient teamwork, we utilized tools like Slack, Jira, Miro, and Google Meets/Docs. This enabled effective communication and coordination during the project's execution.

Implementation details

Together with Hostersi, we delivered a bespoke Pimcore system integrated with the planned infrastructure, all designed to meet our client's specifications. Hostersi took charge of designing and developing this infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform, prioritizing high uptime, excellent performance, and robust security.


Our cooperation with Zoocial included:

  • Business Analytics
  • Post-implementation support
  • UI/UX Interface Design
  • Implementation and programming of Pimcore
  • Functional design
  • Technical support

Stage 4: The finish line

The solution

The project was completed on budget and on schedule. We made significant progress in refining the details. 

Hostersi set up the infrastructure on the GCP with a focus on ensuring it was always available, fast, and secure. The collaborative efforts of Hostersi in creating tailored infrastructure and Tandemite in implementing the Pimcore platform have allowed Zoocial to benefit from rapid and secure data access.

Thanks to a thorough business analysis and a carefully prepared backlog, every team member had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with individual tasks, enabling effective goal realization without unnecessary obstacles. 

Throughout the project's duration, we maintained constructive collaboration with the client. Introducing client communication via Slack became our standard. This allowed us to quickly clarify any doubts and consult on key matters.



Variety of Choices



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Simplicity and Clarity


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One of the key objectives of the project was to present information in an appealing and up-to-date manner for a diverse audience.

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Something for the geeks

Technologies we used

We focus only on proven technologies. For the Zoocial website, we chose:



A platform for managing data and user experiences.

Find out more

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Hostersi leveraged Google Cloud Platform’s strengths to create a dependable infrastructure for Pimcore that excels in availability, performance, and security. With GCP’s scalable cloud solutions, resources can be adjusted according to business needs of Zoocial. Google Cloud equips users with all necessary tools and services for successful data management system implementations like Pimcore.

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