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2022 | Consulting

Socjomania x Tandemite

How we implemented an easy-to-configure content website that enables the promotion and sale of courses, as well as Socjomania’s other products.

Stage 1: In tandem with who?

Socjomania – digital marketing specialists

Socjomania offers open and dedicated training, consulting services and digital strategy planning. The purpose of our cooperation was to implement a website that would enable sales and the promotion of all the company’s products.


Socjomania conducts open courses, webinars and dedicated courses that are organised to meet the needs of various teams, companies and institutions.


The company offers consulting services in the field of digital marketing and related areas.

Digital strategy

The Socjomania services include designing digital strategies for companies and institutions.


Design challenge

The Socjomania representatives approached us with a specific vision: they wanted to create a website with great expansion possibilities, which would enable the company to sell its services. They also suggested the technology they would like to use – their choice was Pimcore.

The first challenge our team faced was related to the client’s complex transactional system. During the work, we had to consider numerous links between individual products and discounts, additional services and changing prices.

Another difficulty was creating a flexible, easy-to-configure system that our customer would be able to manage independently.



The overriding goal in our cooperation with Socjomania was to improve the process of selling the training courses on their website. To achieve this, we decided to take decisive steps together with the client.

First, it was necessary to simplify the training needed for the editing process. Every employee, including those who do not know the system, should be able to quickly and intuitively introduce necessary changes to the content. Adding more elements, such as a landing page or specific sections, could not be more difficult than 2 + 2.

In addition, when building the website, we had to make sure that the content was presented in a clear, dynamic and visually attractive manner for the recipient.

Implementation details

Our cooperation with Socjomania included:

  • Software and its implementation
  • Service support
  • Pimcore
  • Technical assistance

Stage 4: Finish


Thanks to our close cooperation with Socjomania, we were able to gain appropriate knowledge about the expectations of the website users. We could then understand what they needed, in order to comfortably use the training sales system.

For the implementation of the project, we used Pimcore 5. We divided the site diagram into widgets that allow a user to easily expand the site. Editing is done in the page mode, and the widgets can be edited in the WYSIWYG mode, which means that the administrator sees them as similarly as possible to the final effect that will appear on the website.

Thanks to the basket rules provided by Pimcore, the training courses can be sold in packages, including the related discounts and additions. What’s more, the new Socjomania service has been integrated with a financial and accounting system that generates and sends invoices to the company’s customers.

After years of successful collaboration with Socjomania, we added new functionalities and implemented the Pimcore X engine.


Modular design

The website can be easily expanded by adding new modules.


After years of successful collaboration, we updated Pimcore 5 to the Pimcore X version. 


We adapted e-commerce solutions to an unusual product, i.e. training services.

Something for the geeks

Technologies we used

We focus only on proven technologies. For the Socjomania website, we chose:



A platform for managing data and user experiences.

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