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2021 | Retail

Galilu x Tandemite

Or how we created a solid plan and pulled through

Stage 1: In tandem with our partner

Galilu: niche fragrances and luxury beauty products

Galilu is one of the most recognisable Polish beauty brands. In 2005, Agnieszka Łukasik and Warynia Grela established a modern, niche perfumery. Since then, their enterprise has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity. Galilu asked us to migrate its online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

A collection of unique brands in one portfolio

Galilu offers products from over 70 niche brands sourced from around the world.

Omnichannel luxury

Galilu’s physical perfume shops can be found in the most prestigious venues in Polish cities, including the Market Square in Krakow and Mokotowska Street in Warsaw. In 2009, Galilu also launched an online store.

Top-shelf experience

The refined design of Galilu’s physical shops and its online store provides an exquisite user experience.

Stage 2: Where next?

A challenging project

We began our cooperation in 2021, when Galilu was facing a significant roadblock: they had signed a contract with a company they failed to modernise their e-commerce service by the set deadline.

This lack of progress forced Galilu to look for a new partner to complete the project implementation. That’s when Galilu reached out to us – and it has stayed with us ever since.

Our task was to finish the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 – a step necessary to modernise the Galilu online store, create new paths for development and to ensure security (Adobe discontinued its support for Magento 1 in June 2020).

There were many challenges to take on. Our team had to identify and solve multiple camouflaged problems that the previous contractor had left behind. We also had to plan out the development of the functionalities that had already been implemented (to a lesser or greater extent).

Stage 3: On the move

The process

Taking over projects from another team tends to cause difficulties. In order to avoid such problems, the workflow needs to be properly organised and the project must be carefully planned out. We began our cooperation with Galilu by summarising the work done by the previous contractor and followed up with a detailed inspection.

We then used the information we had collected to create a list of elements that needed to be adjusted, completed or rebuilt from scratch. We also estimated the time it would take to implement each element, to make it easier for our customer to track the progress.

These solid foundations allowed us to adhere to the design Galilu had created in the pre-implementation stage. We began coding the solutions and configuring the website. As a final step, we migrated the data from the old store to the new one, including product and customer information, discount codes and gift cards.

Details of the implementation

Our cooperation with Galilu concerned elements including:

  • Web analytics
  • UX audits
  • ERP integration
  • Magento
  • Website supervision
  • Functional design
  • Technical support

Stage 4: The finish line

The Solution

We transferred the existing solutions into the new system and introduced new elements, as requested by our customer. We also migrated the data between the Magento 1-based platform and the new version running on Magento 2, while keeping the store integrated with the existing support systems, primarily ERP Subiekt.

Our efforts have provided Galilu with a fully-functional online perfume store offering a range of luxury products. The system we developed is highly robust, as our customer found out within minutes of its launch, when the first orders came in.

We think that the best proof of the quality of our work is the fact that no maintenance work was needed whatsoever. Even after hundreds of orders have been processed, Galilu continues to operate completely error-free. 


Migration to Magento 2

The migration to Magento 2 opened up access to new solutions and improved the security of Galilu’s e-commerce platform.

ERP integration

We integrated the new system with the ERP Subiekt and other support software used by Galilu.

For Galilu, we created a reliable online store with luxury perfumes. No further adjustments were needed

Something for the geeks

Technologies used

We implemented the new system using well-tested solutions and reliable technologies. Here’s a few of them:



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