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TM Technologie

2022 | Manufacture

TM Technologie x Tandemite

Or how we rose to meet a difficult challenge and created a custom solution for a discerning customer.

Stage 1: In tandem with whom?

TM Technologie: a Polish manufacturer of emergency lighting

TM Technologie is a Polish enterprise that has specialized in manufacturing emergency and evacuation lighting and dedicated electronic equipment for the past 20 years. TM Technologie’s fundamental goal is to deliver the highest-quality, reliable products. The aim of our cooperation was to create a system to manage TM Technologie’s product base and share it with their different sales channels.

International success

Investors and the owners of real property worldwide appreciate the products offered by TM Technologie.

Thousands of premises lit up

TM Technologie products currently light up over 3500 premises in Poland and abroad.

TM Academy

To date, TM Technologie has organized over 20 training programs for experts in the lighting industry.

Stage 2: where to?

The challenge

In order to make their means of cooperation with distributors more flexible and to improve their control over the quality of shared data, TM Technologie needed a fully reliable PIM (Product Information Management) system – and they needed it fast.

The Tandemite team met the customer’s expectations, proving that nothing (and no deadline) is impossible for us. The first phase of the project began within just two weeks.

A pre-implementation analysis confirmed our initial opinion that Pimcore would be the best solution to suit the needs of TM Technologie. At this stage, we also analysed the changes that needed to be introduced to the system for its optimal operation.

Etap 3: moving forward

The process

We implemented the project for TM Technologie using the Scrum method, which we followed from our very first project meeting. This allowed us to ensure we had close cooperation with our customer, with full transparency, regular incremental presentations, and joint planning of our future steps.

As with the other projects conducted by Tandemite, we had a complete set of tools at our disposal that helped us to implement each phase of the project effectively.

With communication and transparency in mind, we conducted the shared project in Jira, so that all of its elements were visible to both parties. Ongoing talks were held through Slack, while Google Meet was used to organizing daily and periodical meetings, which included planning, demos, and retrospectives.

The team we delegated for the project was made up of top Pimcore programmers and experts in the field. Their knowledge and experience helped us to avoid many pitfalls, and we were able to provide our customer with a well-thought-out, custom solution. 

Details of the implementation

Our tasks as part of our cooperation with TM Technologie included:

  • Internet analytics
  • UX inspections
  • Website maintenance
  • Pimcore
  • Functional design
  • Technical support

Etap 4: the finish line

The solution

Once we learned about TM Technologie’s expectations, we conducted a pre-implementation analysis and, after the customer accepted the estimated costs, we moved on to the implementation stage.

The development work took about six months, during which we conducted about a dozen sprints involving the subsequent iterations. The model of the product evolved with each version presented in the demos. Over several sprints, we were able to develop the optimal solution, which met all of our customer’s expectations.

Once the product was complete, we moved on to integrating it with the company’s other systems (Infor, M3, ETIM and others). We also began developing additional functionalities commissioned by the customer: a generator of catalogue sheets in a PDF format and extensive options to import and export to and from files. In the final stage, we supplied the system with data and conducted training for the employees of TM Technologie at the company’s headquarters.

As a result of our efforts, we delivered a comprehensive product management system that met the discerning standards of TM Technologie. We are convinced that the version of Pimcore we developed will help to facilitate the work of experts, automate many processes and, most importantly, improve the quality of the product information available to the company’s contractors. 

The implementation

Plenty to choose from

Thanks to Pimcore, smooth and comfortable way to present the product base.

Simplicity and transparency

Customers now can download information and documentation easier than before 

Data for the geeks

Technologies used

In the project commissioned by TM Technologie, we used a reliable technology, namely:



PA platform for managing data, digital assets, and user experience.

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