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06.03.23 3 min read Technology

What is Storyblok?

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A key aspect of every successful e-commerce company is content management. An effective content management system is the foundation of a well-designed user and developer experience that is sure to enhance your business. So, how does Storyblok come into play? And is it worth using? Continue reading to find the answer.

From this article, you’ll learn:

  • What is Storyblok?
  • Why is it worth using?
  • How APIs and visual editors work
  • What business-oriented functionalities you should look for
  • How Storyblok will help develop your business

What is Storyblok, and how does it support e-commerce?

Storyblok is a headless content management system (CMS), which means that the visual part of a website (the head) is separate from the content repository.

In other words, a headless CMS operates behind the scenes, letting the user focus on providing valuable assets. In this way, Storyblok is able to transform a run-of-the-mill platform into a dynamic, viewer-friendly solution.

As the name of the system implies, e-commerce is all about storytelling which, if it’s done using the right tools, can bring a host of benefits to vendors as well as consumers. To quote the developers of Storyblok:

Consumers today use multiple channels to make online purchases, so e-commerce companies must provide a seamless shopping experience and accessible content in order to stay competitive. With Storyblok, e-commerce companies are able to quickly create personalized shopping experiences on all digital channels, and update these experiences in no time.

Users buy online specifically to save time and to take advantage of convenience. As a result, if your platform is not sufficiently fast or seamless, acquiring loyal customers may be difficult, or even impossible.

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The first CMS with a visual editor

An indisputable advantage of Storyblok over other digital solutions available on the market is its intuitive visual editor. It allows you to easily create your platform, thanks to real-time previews of the final result (meaning, as the developers say, that you see exactly what your customers are going to see):

It is the first headless CMS that enables content teams to create, edit and fine-tune their work visually, just as the audience will experience it.

The ability to preview a website during its development is an important functionality that allows you to:

  • Improve the user experience.
  • Eliminate potential errors.
  • Create content faster.

A visual editor shows you the results of your work while giving you control over the publishing process, from start to finish. Distributing diverse content is a demanding challenge, but it can be made much easier by using the appropriate tool. 

Why should you choose Storyblok?

One of the biggest strengths of Storyblok is the aforementioned visual editor. However, as with any other CMS, Storyblok has some disadvantages. It all depends on who’s going to use a given solution and how – so it’s difficult to assess something without some specific examples.

User-friendly experience

Storyblok provides multiple ways to create and manage content, allowing you to adjust many aspects of the user experience in detail.

Control and flexibility

The visual editor gives you full control over the published content. Whether it involves text or templates, you can freely manage each section without worrying about the technical side.

Real-time previews

A real-time preview of the changes you have introduced lets you create attractive websites, while eliminating errors such as typos. The real-time editing functionality also makes modifying your content fast and effective.

High accessibility

In terms of accessibility, Storyblok helps you build a platform that is equally intuitive to all its viewers; for instance, by changing the font size or adding captions to the images.

Every tool can be effective if you’re familiar with it. That’s why learning the functionalities offered by Storyblok is a reliable way to maximize its potential. In this way, even initially unappealing websites can be recreated as new and improved solutions.

An API-based system

Storyblok is a CMS based on an API, or a programming interface that is indispensable for your entire team, from your programmers, through the content creators, to the sales and marketing team. The API allows Storyblok to be integrated with various other systems.

A headless system gives you limitless opportunities to manage your content. With Storyblok, you can choose from a selection of premade assets or create your own visual solutions.

You can also add unlimited components into the editor and nest them. Thanks to the flexibility of Storyblok, your website will be viewer-friendly and effective, regardless of what field you operate in.

Easy flow of materials and automation

Storyblok is perfectly suited not only to create content, but also to distribute it, thanks to a functionality that enables the seamless flow of content between different users.

The content can be added to the editor to track your changes in real-time. But there’s more. Storyblok also lets you:

Create schedules

Content creators can use Storyblok to set a publication schedule, allowing them to plan out their work and provide suggestions for the future.

Update content

Storyblok ensures an easy flow of content between editors, while its automatic publication feature makes the content appear on your website exactly when it’s supposed to.

Set permissions

You can use Storyblok to set individual permissions and introduce different levels of access, to make sure that all content is structured and properly secured.

These functionalities make content management a breeze, letting creators forget about technical issues and focus on creative work, all thanks to the power of automation.

A tailor-made system

Storyblok is designed with both programmers and entrepreneurs in mind. In other words, it suits the needs of many different branches outside of e-commerce.

Storyblok can help to create responsive desktop and mobile platforms that display correctly on all devices.

If your business relies on content creation, but you have difficulties in managing it, then Storyblok might be the solution you’re looking for. This dedicated tool will help your team systematize their work while ensuring an effective flow between departments, improving both the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

Storyblok gives e-commerce businesses the ability to create fast, personalized content. By tailoring content to the needs of your customers, you can create a high-quality consumer experience and boost your conversions and sales. 

Comprehensive Solution for Enterprises

The developers of Storyblok mentioned several features that are particularly useful for business owners:

Storyblok provides everything you need to build a powerful digital experience.

In other words, Storyblok gives you:

  1. Multichannel operations – the changes you introduce appear everywhere that they need to
  2. Internationality – Storyblok provides access to multiple language versions
  3. Efficiency – all functions, such as SEO or A/B testing, are available in Storyblok
  4. Security – all data is protected by a special certificate (ISO 27001)
  5. Support – the Storyblok team is here to provide support and help you troubleshoot
  6. GDPR – Storyblok complies with the current privacy regulations and the GDPR

The features listed above prove that Storyblok is a functional system perfectly suited to the e-commerce sector, which provides comprehensive content management possibilities as well as compatibility with the latest technical requirements and legal regulations.


Almost all enterprises have already transitioned to the online world, whether partially or completely. While events such as the outbreak of the Covid pandemic undoubtedly accelerated this transition, digital solutions are also gaining more and more popularity simply due to the convenience they provide.

E-commerce companies must adjust to the ongoing technological changes in a dynamic way, in order to stand out in a market crowded with competing functionalities.

Storyblok offers high-quality content management that is sure to boost the consumer experience of your business. But that’s not all – programmers, sales teams, and, first and foremost, content creators will appreciate Storyblok for the functionalities it provides.

Have you decided that Storyblok is just what your business needs? Or maybe you have some questions? Our team will be glad to speak with you about the best solutions for your enterprise. Don’t wait – get in touch now!

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