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2022 summary

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The end of January is the time when most of us decide to stop for a moment of reflection and briefly sum up the last year. It was no different with us at Tandemite. A lot has happened, including the fact that not so long ago we would not have written… Tandemite. If you are curious about what happened in 2022, we invite you to read. Here is a handful of information that will help you understand why we are so proud of our team and why we are entering the next year with a smile.

We have changed. A lot

For Tandemite, we can confidently consider 2022 a breakthrough year. It was a few months ago, shortly after the holidays, that we changed our colours from blue to juicy orange. Blue Paprica proudly said goodbye to all of us to give room to the new one - Tandemite.

But in our case, it wasn't just a purely cosmetic change. We didn't just want a new name and new colours. We wanted to avoid ruffling the feathers. Furthermore, we don't throw words around, and we don't waste our people's precious hours on unimportant things.

We wanted the new brand - after over 17 years of presence on the market - to clearly show who we are and where we are going. Like any company, we needed time and experience to find our coherent selves. We found them.

We are Tandemite - why? Because we value teamwork above all else. Trust, transparency, and common pursuit of the goal are our most important values.

Just as we feel united in the company, we also want to give you - our clients - the feeling that you have a real partner next to you. And these are not just empty words.
We start each project with conversations - conversations, for which we give you as much time as you need to feel comfortable. We're not rushing. We don't put pressure. We are here for you.

Our new brand is designed to clearly emphasize this.

Tandemite - because we ride in tandem.

We have expanded our team

The rebranding was just the beginning. We know where we are going, but we also know what kind of people we want to go with.
That is why we started to slowly but effectively expand our team. We have more projects planned; we will no longer limit ourselves to the Polish market, so it is a nice necessity.
New faces successively appear among us and supply the company with fresh energy and outlook on the world.
We feel it will be something great. And we can't wait.

We showed up in the world

The year 2022 is not only a year of changes inside the company. We also showed ourselves to others, and very, very clearly.
Already with the new brand, we visited not only European Switzerland, but also distant Dubai. We took part in the E-Commerce Expo, as well as in the world's largest event of this type - GITEX Global.

Our team proudly represented Poland abroad, showing that we have nothing to be ashamed of - quite the opposite.

We made interesting contacts and learned something about each other; because each such trip is a clash with other cultures, for which not only everyday life is different. Business is also run differently. This is a great opportunity for development.

We've been involved in great projects

Everything sounds wonderful but after all… None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you - our wonderful customers. Last year we were actively involved in over 47 projects.
Some of them were seemingly minor changes - but significant enough to have a clear impact on your online businesses.
Others are large projects - including building new websites from scratch - or migrations.
We used our knowledge in the field of headless e-commerce. We implemented PIM solutions together with Pimcore; we haven't forgotten about Shopware or Strapi either.
Likewise, we showed what a great solution DAM is and how a massive change can be caused by adapting the website to mobile devices.
We are proud of each project - we only undertake cooperation that our team will carry out by harmonizing with each other.
Thank you for these opportunities.

Tandemite at GITEX tech event_iamge

We have prepared a solid guide

However, projects with you are not everything.
In addition to creating plenty of amazing solutions, we also did our own - small big - side project.
Despite the huge amount of work that awaited us during the rebranding, we decided to create a full-fledged, professional, and comprehensive guide for everyone who would like to develop their online businesses using PIM technology.

Our e-book Pimcore: a guide to digital transformation in your business is a solid dose of knowledge for online store owners, producers, developers, and all those who would like to take their online business to the next level.

The good news is that our guide is free to download (for now ;)).
So don't wait, go ahead and download your copy! And if you have any questions, don't be shy to ask.

We are here for you.

Summary of the summary ;)

So much for us.

We close 2022 with smiles on our lips, a sense of a job well done, and excitement - we can't wait for the next projects.

Please let us know about your ideas for new projects - and let’s do it together. Because together is easier.


Katarzyna Ciesielska author
Katarzyna Ciesielska
Content Manager at Tandemite

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