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Implementing Storyblok for Start-ED. The School of the future for contemporary students

Implementing Storyblok for Start-ED. The School of the future for contemporary students - blog post banner

Not everything in business revolves around money. Sometimes it's worth slowing down, looking around, and discovering how we can help. At Tandemite, we remember our surroundings and leverage our knowledge to provide support. That's why we participated in the "Tech to the Rescue" project, offering our pro bono services to support the education of the youngest ones.

Start-ED x Tandemite. Together for the Youngest

Start-ED is a foundation founded by Zosia Dorożalska and Kacper Gręda, dedicated to the development of the Polish education system. Their main goal is to support young people at every stage of their learning journey, promote modern and creative teaching methods, and foster future skills.

Fidea Project

The Fidea Project is the foundation's flagship initiative, targeting students in grades 1-6 of primary schools. It consists of two cycles of e-lessons and a board game. Currently, they are focused on creating a textbook. All these tools aim to stimulate creativity and teach through practical activities and play. So far, the "Future Skills" textbook and the "Fidea Adventure" board game have been developed.

Citizens' Voice

Representatives of Start-ED closely monitor government actions in the field of education and schooling, actively engaging in civic initiatives.


Volunteers are the foundation's cornerstone, enabling effective operations of Start-ED. The foundation actively seeks volunteers, often providing them with their first professional experiences.

Our collaboration with Start-ED involved creating a modern content management system that empowers administrators to independently manage the website without the need for IT specialists. Because helping should be easy.

Solid foundations and user-friendly content management

The first project undertaken by Zosia and Kacper was Fidea, which quickly achieved success. As their educational initiatives expanded, there arose a need to redefine the organization's framework. In 2022, Start-ED Foundation was established.

Our team faced the challenge of creating the Start-ED website from scratch. We had to determine the needs of website visitors, design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and then proceed with its development and launch.

The foundation required a technologically advanced solution that was also user-friendly for individuals without programming experience. Together with the client, we decided that the best approach would be to leverage the Storyblok platform, of which we are official partners. Storyblok stands out among other solutions due to its visual editor, allowing administrators to intuitively edit content.

For the infrastructure, we chose Digital Ocean as the target platform.

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The Process

We implemented the project for Start-ED using the Scrum methodology, ensuring that the client had full visibility into our actions. Through careful project planning and open communication, we were able to complete the work after just a few sprints.

At each stage of the project, we utilized various proven tools. Jira provided us with a smooth flow of information and transparency in our actions. Slack facilitated real-time communication, and Google tools allowed us to efficiently plan team meetings.

Implementation Details

Our collaboration with Start-ED Foundation included:

  • Web analytics.
  • UX audit.
  • Maintenance of services.
  • Functional design.
  • Graphic design.
  • Utilization of the Storyblok platform.
  • Technical support.

The solution

We began working on the foundation's website by analysing its needs, which allowed us to identify key elements for future users and set the direction for our actions.

Knowing the target group's requirements, we proceeded to design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Our team developed solutions that facilitated site navigation and enabled quick access to the necessary information. After several iterations, we achieved an outcome that met the expectations of both users and the client.

The result of our work is a personalized website with a dedicated graphic design, meeting the highest standards of modern design. It is not only functional but also technologically advanced. Users can access the blog, contact form, and volunteer registration options. The entire interface is user-friendly and visually appealing.

The entire project was carried out pro bono.

Team Tandemite


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