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20.06.23 4 min read Technology

Contentful – integrations worth knowing in 2023

Contentful – integrations worth knowing in 2023 - blog post banner

Contentful integrations are a feature you should really try out when choosing this flexible CMS. Without the ability to link to other apps, you are missing out on the opportunity to successfully develop an e-shop where you can manage content and test various solutions, as well as run comprehensive sales and marketing processes.

When it comes to the most popular content management systems, Contentful definitely takes one of the top spots. Today, users require access to all the features of an e-shop on a variety of devices, regardless of the platform they use.

Contentful is a tool that provides easy and flexible content management, additionally allowing for a variety of integrations. The above CMS can be seamlessly integrated with sales or marketing systems, giving you the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your processes and optimise content management at your business.

Anyone with even the slightest experience in eCommerce knows the importance of cross-departmental collaboration in order to increase efficiency. This is what you will be able to do if you choose system integrations in Contentful. In the following article, you will learn how to do this correctly for the above CMS.

Accessibility and responsiveness of applications

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If your current goal is to integrate Contentful with other systems, ensure not only the functionality of your e-shop but also its matching to user needs.

eCommerce applications should meet a wide range of requirements and be versatile enough so that even people struggling with various kinds of limitations are able to use them freely and understand the content.

User Experience manifests itself in many ways, and its high level is impacted by a visually appealing interface, and also by a properly selected CMS and effective content management in the application you choose.

Don't be afraid to combine Contentful with another tool, because only through integration can you provide your audience with a better experience and ensure that every user of your site experiences an optimised purchase path, not just in terms of content management.

How to perform step-by-step integrations with other systems in Contentful?

In eCommerce, content is a type of intermediary between the seller and consumers for select applications. Product descriptions, appropriate categories or different types of text are decisive issues when it comes to the success of an e-shop.

This is why effective content management is so important. By integrating Contentful with other systems, you have the chance to create a high-quality user experience, while having a positive impact on the performance of your business.

The API-based Headless CMS gives developers the chance to easily integrate systems. Due to modern technological possibilities, companies do not have to introduce new solutions from scratch but can afford to test different options and adapt them to any device.

Based on the following tips, you will learn how to manage the CMS platform and which free solution to choose in order to make the integration quick and easy.

Integration with Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytical tools for tracking website traffic. 

By integrating with Contentful, you can monitor user behaviour on the pages you create and effectively analyse the results of your marketing campaigns.


Contentful integration with Google Analytics 4.

Integration with HubSpot

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HubSpot is a well-known marketing platform that offers tools designed to generate leads, manage contacts, create email marketing campaigns and automate sales processes. 

Integration with Contentful makes it possible to easily add contact form, automatically send requests to the recipient database, and much more in terms of attracting new stakeholders.


  1. Integration of Contentful with Hubspot will be possible via With the above website, you can integrate systems, through linking data for actionable business insights or transferring them to any location in just several minutes.
  2. You can also integrate platforms using Pipedream. The app runs extremely fast and offers a HubSpot API trigger that will instantly connect to the Contentful system.

Integration with Mailchimp

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Mailchimp is an easy-to-use tool for creating and sending marketing campaigns via email. The application allows automation, time savings and independence for creators, who do not need the help of programmers to manage content.

Contentful's integration with Mailchimp makes it possible to seamlessly import your list of subscribers and automatically send their details to the right place. System linking also means personalising email marketing campaigns based on the information collected.


  1. In this case, again you can use Pipedream, an integration platform that will ensure that you work quickly and efficiently when CMS systems are connected via the Mailchimp API trigger.

Integration with Salesforce

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Salesforce is one of the more popular platforms on the market designed for customer relationship management (CRM). It features a ready tool for your company in the area of sales, marketing or consumer service.

The platform provides the ability to organise customer contacts. By integrating Salesforce with Contentful, you have the opportunity to benefit from the automatic submission of contact forms and other lead-generating elements to the relevant database.

This app also involves easy data management, tracking every step of the purchase process and coordinating activities of the marketing and sales teams.


  1. The first option for connecting Contentful to Salesforce is to use the above-mentioned The native integration of these platforms ensures speed, reliability and security, which means that your company stays on top when it comes to marketing, while ensuring a good user experience.
  2. If the first solution doesn't appeal to you, check out Stitch, which gives you the chance to synchronise Salesforce and Contentful data in just a few minutes.



Thinking about implementing Contentful? Let's talk!

Integration with Commercetools

Commercetools is an advanced eCommerce management platform that makes it easy to add and edit products in a catalogue, generate landing pages and synchronise customer data and orders.

With this type of tool, you provide consumers with a better User Experience. Additionally, you have control over content management, as well as elements such as menus or different types of content in individual channels.


  1. Contentful's integration with Commercetools requires the use of an API and appropriate plug-ins. With the use of off-the-shelf solutions, you create a flexible site on your own terms and have control over synchronisation between platforms.
  2. Commercetools is the tool that will make your project the way you plan it. The app will allow editors to easily add products or categories of products, while enabling the delivery and tests of different types of content.

As you can see, Contentful is a CMS that offers many possibilities of action. Simply combining different solutions in the cloud is a user-friendly option for those who require given applications to meet requirements such as a clear interface, intuitive menus and the greatest possible time savings.

Applying the above instructions creates an opportunity to test different solutions. In some cases, we have provided more than one way of integrating Contentful with other tools, so that combining them is easy for you and does not require too much time.

Content Management and User Experience

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With knowledge of Contentful's integration with other systems, you can be sure that your eCommerce operations will be more efficient and successful.

However, keep in mind that there are more than just interconnected systems. The app's intuitive interface is the solution that allows users to go through a fast and seamless purchasing process.

In order for any transactions to take place, the applications on which your e-shop is based should feature comprehensible and clear content. So make sure you make your content easy to digest, while improving the User Experience of consumers.

Many businesses do not necessarily pay attention to the accessibility of the CMS platform and adaptation to be displayed on different devices. What matters in IT, however, is not just outsourcing to programmers, but also utilising the work of UX/UI designers who convert their expertise into the appearance and information architecture of the website, based on user questions and expectations.

Nevertheless, there is no denying that User Experience is the basis for creating proven eCommerce applications, which is why it is worth sourcing not only developers but also User Experience specialists to work on them.


By choosing Contentful's integrations with other systems, you increase the level of consumer satisfaction with the website and make the User Experience in your e-shop rank high. Thanks to effective technologies, content preparation can become an easy and enjoyable task with more than just the help of specialists.

In the case of CMS systems, it is undoubtedly worth leaving the backend to developers who will take care of technical issues on your website. Content management, on the other hand, will be easily handled by editors, who will enjoy creating text documents in an intuitive interface, as well as preparing them for publication later on.

Media is an area where, without a CMS, it is impossible to carry out any activity within the application. In eCommerce, on the other hand, such an incomplete solution will not work without integration with other tools, so when choosing a platform, it is always worth making sure that this is the best possible option.

Now you know which Contentful integrations will work best for your organisation. And if you are still wondering what to pick, contact us and with our help, you will be able to create solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumers.

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Lidia Brzyska
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